The dream for web site owners is to create a website that grabs the attention of search engines, as well as potential clients. Optimizing your web site – SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aims to ensure your web site gets noticed. Here are some tips to get you to the top of the list:

What differentiates an e-commerce website from a typical business website is that the pages of the site are continually changing as the inventory changes.

The first thing that many companies rightly ask is: Does it work? That’s a difficult call to make. However, if you spend four hours creating a mail blast and send it to 10,000 addresses and get a 2% response rate – 200 companies that is a fair return on your labor.

Is it truly interesting and to the point? Is there fresh content in every issue?
Are the articles short? Most people have an attention span that is very short, so make sure your articles fit the bill.