Marketing Copywriting


Why is Marketing Writing so Important?
Everyone knows how to write, right? Wrong. Just like any other profession, it is something that needs to be learned and perfected.
Writing aims to attract people to your business and find out more. For example, look at a newspaper. Think how long it took the editors to think of the snappy headline - it must grab your attention but also sum up the theme of the article in just several words. Look at the first paragraph. It is crafted in such a way to make you want to carry on reading the article. The journalist is "selling" you the story. The reward for the writer and editor is that you read it all the way to the end.

All of these rules apply in copywriting, too. The ability to find the exact right words to tell your company's story is not an easy task. It requires the ability to instinctively understand the company's message and its customer base and to be able to communicate with them in a way they understand. Not too much text, but not too little. An understanding of graphic design is critical, too.

Remember you are trying to appeal to businesspeople who have seen many websites and brochures and flyers. How can you grab their attention while also showing that you are a heavyweight company offering high-quality goods with top-line services at competitive prices?