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Dominion Diamond Corp, formerly Harry Winston Diamond Corp, has the financial ability to buy Rio Tinto's majority stake in the Diavik diamond mine in northern Canada if the price is right, said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Gannicott .

Rio Tinto may pull out of the diamond business, while Dominion already owns 40 percent of Diavik, in Canada's Northwest Territories.


G4S International Logistics has paid its clients who incurred losses as a result of the Brussels Airport robbery on February 18. The security firm said it paid in full within four days of the theft.

It is believed US$50 million of diamonds were stolen by eight armed men who drove through the airport fence in two vehicles and stole parcels of diamonds that were about to be loaded onto a flight to Zurich.


The board of directors for Diamond Circle Capital plc, a closed diamond investment fund, concluded its extraordinary general meeting on December 28 with a special resolution to finalize closing the fund.

The liquidator will distribute the company's assets to shareholders according to to their shareholdings following the settlement of the company's outstanding liabilities, the announcement said.


The Belgian tax authorities are inspecting the financial reports of Smolensk Diamonds N.V., the Antwerp-based subsidiary of Russian diamond polishing company Kristall Production Corporation of Smolensk, according to Russia's Izvestia newspaper.

The tax officers have found “problems in the financial statements", Izvestia reports.


Credit card company Visa is producing a special credit card for its top clients in Kazakhstan – going beyond the usual silver, gold and platinum cards with a diamond-set version made of gold.

Sberbank in oil and gas-rich Kazakhstan will offer the card, which is set with 26 diamonds with a total weight of 0.17 carats, to its top 100 clients, says a report in The Wall Street Journal.

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