Work Begins On Israel Exchange's New Manufacturing Center

The construction of a modern manufacturing center for members of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and people who work in the domestic diamond industry has got off the ground, the IDE reported on its website.

Earlier this week, construction work began in a large space in a building that was formerly a polishing plant in Tuval Street in Ramat Gan in the area of the IDE.

When completed, it will include a new production center, a school for training diamond polishers, advanced technological equipment, a professional working environment, job security, private rooms and more, all at discounted fees for IDE members.

Industry Committee Chair Yoram Dvash, who is coordinating the establishment of the modern manufacturing center, said that the IDE selected Yoram Laniado, who has built a large number of factories in the past and is known as an experienced contractor, to carry out the work.

"The new center will provide manufacturers with the most modern technological means of production available today, including the Galaxy system, Sarine and OGI computers, a machine for testing pressure, microscopes, gemological services, secure courier services provided by Brinks, and many other services."

According to Dvash, the Galaxy system that is used for mapping, planning, and testing rough diamonds, to be run in the new independent service unit, is the centerpiece of Sarine’s technology for processing diamonds.

"Use of the advanced system will be provided at a discounted rate for small and medium size firms. The service is expected to be an integral part of the modern manufacturing center. It will be the first such technological unit located outside the diamond exchange buildings, and will help in shortening the queues at the service station located on the 32nd floor of the Yahalom Building, "he added.