Rio Tinto Launches Jewelry Designs for Chinese Market

Rio Tinto introduced its latest range of Argyle diamond jewelry collections during the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

The new collections are part of Rio Tinto’s ongoing investment to develop the diamond fashion jewelry market in China, creating opportunities for diamond purchasing beyond the solitaire engagement ring.

PDLG Creative Intelligence presented the latest international trends in design and demonstrated how these translate into diamond fashion jewelry for the Chinese consumer.

PDLG Creative Intelligence creative director and forecaster Paola De Luca said: “Trends are increasingly global and consumers around the world have the same desire; to express themselves through diamond jewelry. I’m delighted to be able to share these global design directions tailored especially for Rio Tinto’s trade partners in the Chinese market.”

Rio Tinto Diamonds has been on the ground in China for five years and has witnessed this market’s appetite for global jewelry trends.

Rio Tinto Diamonds Marketing general manager Bruno Sané said: “We entered the Chinese market in 2010 after identifying the beginning of a long term trend of Chinese consumers adopting diamond jewelry as an every-day fashion accessory. Over the ensuing years we have been delighted to see this trend accelerate.”

The growth in volume from Rio Tinto's Argyle underground mine in Australia will help meet China's growing demand for diamonds and diamond accessories, as the quality of Argyle diamonds is ideally suited for fashion jewelry.

In addition to a design support, Rio Tinto provides the Chinese diamond trade with a comprehensive package including research, training and marketing as part of its ‘The Fashion of Diamonds’ initiative.