ImaGem: 3DPro for Interactive 3D Videos and Visuals Launched

ImaGem has launched 3DPro for interactive visuals to facilitate the buying and selling of diamonds.

The firm said that the 3DPro expands the diamond experience from a static image to a dynamic 3D experience.

The output is available in the form of a downloadable video or an interactive 3D visual hosted on its powerful cloud servers. The video can be used on any sales platform of the customer's choice, and the 3D visual can be embedded on a client's website or sales platform and gives the viewer an option to interactively play the video.

The ImaGem 3DPro is an advanced version of GemInsight introduced in 2005. GemInsight is used to take videos and still photographs of gemstones and jewelry from the face up position. 3DPro captures 3D videos and images. The images show the diamond's brilliance, sparkle and intensity from different angles. The 3DPro is operated via a computer and is connected to the Internet, IDEX reported.

Diamonds, gemstones and jewelry can be sent to ImaGem's service center in the US with a typical turnaround time of two business days. This service will also be available soon at ImaGem's service center in Surat, India. Alternatively, it can be leased, the company explained.