IIDGR Launches SYNTHdetect To Give Retailers Synthetic Detection Confidence

De Beers' International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR) unit has launched what it says is the industry’s first synthetic screening device for set jewelry, with the SYNTHdetect machine now available for delivery.

"SYNTHdetect is the only synthetic screening device that has been designed specifically for jewelry retailers, allowing them to quickly and easily ensure the authenticity of the diamonds they purchase," De Beers said. "As a result of its unique approach of detecting whether diamonds are natural, rather than seeking to identify synthetic characteristics, the device also has the industry’s lowest referral rate at around 0.05 percent."

The machine costs $16,250 and uses IIDGR’s patented luminescence technology to rapidly and simultaneously screen stones set in a wide range of jewelry pieces without the need for a probe.

Jonathan Kendall, President, IIDGR, said: “Since unveiling SYNTHdetect in June, we have already received significant interest and pre-orders from many of the world’s leading jewelry retailers, demonstrating a strong desire from the industry for a device that allows them to quickly and easily screen diamonds at their own premises.

“With the industry’s lowest referral rate, SYNTHdetect dramatically reduces the need for additional off-site testing, making it the ideal solution for retailers and jewelry manufacturers.”

IIGDR also announced that it will launch its second education course, the Diamond Foundation Course, at the Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair this week.

Designed as an entry level course for retail employees, manufacturing employees and those looking to join the industry, the online Diamond Foundation Course is focused on extending participants’ knowledge beyond the 4Cs, providing an understanding of the entire diamond pipeline and key issues affecting the sector.

Jodine Perrin, Director of Education, IIDGR, said: “We are delighted to be extending IIDGR’s education services with the launch of the Diamond Foundation Course, which provides a comprehensive overview of diamonds and all aspects of the industry value chain for those already working in the diamond jewelry industry, as well as those new to the sector.”