IDE Officially Opens New Imports-Exports Diamond Control Hall

Renovation work to expand the import-export inspection room in the Shimshon building was celebrated with a festive event yesterday (Tuesday) at the diamond exchange with the placing of a mezuzah at the doorway.
The event was held in the presence of IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer, Diamond Controller Shmuel Mordechai, assistant to the VP of the Diamond Exchange Mati Asherov, Director of Brink's diamond exchange branch, Raz Zvi, IDE General Manager Moti Besser and other guests.
During the renovation, the half-meter thick main concrete wall that crossed the room was knocked down, a new higher resolution camera system was installed and the floor was recovered.
The renovation works were funded by the Israel Diamond Exchange, and the work was managed by Asherov.
IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said: "When I took office as President in this term, one of the things that I stood for was to relieve the overload in the imports-exports room. I congratulate the Diamond Controller Shmuel Mordechai on the initiatives he has taken in the past to improve the service provided to members of the public, including access for the disabled, modifying the release procedure via the shipping companies, and other moves.
"In an effort to further improve the service for members, the exchange spearheaded the restoration work and paid for it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this move which clearly relieves the load for diamond dealers. I am pleased that the cooperation in this project will contribute to the general welfare," the IDE website reported.
Shmuel Mordechai said: "I want to congratulate and thank the diamond exchange not just today, but for many years of cooperation. If I had turned to the government to allocate funding for the renovation project, it would have taken a year. Today we have a new and expanded inspection room that will allow us to improve the quality of services provided to members of the exchange. I thank Shmuel Schnitzer for your quick response and your cooperation and your desire to give. It's nice to work in a place where you are appreciated. Thank you and good luck to everyone and I hope there will be a quick return to profitability."
At the end of the event, Shmuel Schnitzer attached a mezuzah on the door lintel and gave the traditional blessing, with all participants toasting the event.