HRD Antwerp to Start Providing Synthetic Diamond Certificate Service

HRD Antwerp is to start providing a Synthetic Diamond Certificate service from September 2. The certificate will be issued where a diamond is found to be synthetic.

HRD Antwerp said that synthetic diamonds have increasingly made their way into the gem diamond market in recent times. While they still represent a small part of the market, their numbers are rising, the lab said.

Consequently, HRD Antwerp has launched the new service in what it says is a bid to support consumer confidence.

The HRD Antwerp certificate, in accordance with the rules of the International Diamond Council, "looks noticeably different from the standard diamond certificate and mentions the clear wording 'Synthetic Diamond Certificate' on the cover. Each synthetic diamond is laser inscribed synthetic and the presence of the laser inscription is mentioned on the certificate, with a statement that the diamond has been lab-grown."

Each Synthetic Diamond Certificate also includes the same unique safety features as the standard HRD Antwerp natural diamond certificate.

There is a screening service for HPHT and CVD synthetic diamonds provided by HRD Antwerp, The service aims to help diamond dealers to ensure that the diamonds in a polished diamond parcel are all natural.

The examination is for parcels containing a minimum of 20 diamonds ranging from 0.05 carat to 0.49 carat and D to L color. After screening, the customer receives a sealed parcel with “Screening Report” with the text ''This parcel only consists of natural diamonds, not synthetic and not HPHT treated.''