Diamond Dealers Club Re-Elects Reuven Kaufman as President for Second Term

Elections at the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, America’s largest diamond trading exchange, have led to the reelection of Reuven Kaufman as president.
Kaufman thanked the voters for their vote of confidence . He offered his congratulations to the newly-elected Board and said that he looked forward to working with the Board and membership to improve the position of DDC in all areas of the industry.
Basant Johari was re-elected as vice president, and Jacob Zupnick was re-elected as treasurer. Elliot Krischer was elected as DDC secretary. 
Elected to the Board of Directors were: Israel Ashkenazy, Shmuel Isaac Bornstein, Solomon Cohen, Gary Dimenstein, Abraham Einhorn, Meilech Fastag, Jack Friedman, Dov Fruchter, Michael Gross, Isaac Jacob, Moshe Lax, Robert Moskovitz, Efraim Reiss, Sol Rybak, Aaron Vagdani and Moshe Zwiebel.  Elected to the Control Committee were: Gershon Fruchter, Isaac Lesser and Charlie Oh.
Reuven Kaufman said “The Diamond Dealers Club is fortunate to have for the next two years an outstanding group of Officers and Directors. Under their leadership and guidance, we look forward to the Club’s playing an innovative role in helping bring about the success of our membership and industry.”