Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Wint & Kidd

Special designer shapes especially cut for color. Engagement rings, commitment rings, cufflinks set with special shapes cut for a range of colors (pink, blue, yellow, orange, white). The Wint & Kidd Brivka Moment is proprietary to this jeweler. A perfect special cut diamond is presented in brivka paper within a black laquer box, and then the couple returns together to meet the designers (over a glass of champagne) to design the ring. London jewelers (Nottinghill and “in the heart of the City”) who have created a relaxing environment to buy fine diamonds and bespoke jewelry.

Wishing Star

The "WishingStar" was inspired by the stars. 74 facets. In this multi-faceted round cut, the interaction of the light with the facets is so carefully designed that the light sources create a perfect 6 pointed star.


Square emerald modified princess-cut 8 sided octagon Multi-faceted square shape 61 facets Table range: 68-70% Depth range 66-69%


The Xtreme is a patented modified round diamond with 88 facets. Described as a very special cut, its light performance is excellent. The shape of a flower can be seen around the culet. Light Trace certification for brilliance, scintillation, and light reflection. Light performance of this cut is excellent. Exclusivity promised to select retail jewelers.

Yin Yang Diamond

The yin yang symbol has been popular as an element in jewelry for many years. The innovation here is that it is being offered in a diamond - a classic symbol of love. In ancient Chinese philosophy the concept of yin and yang represents the two opposing forces of the universe. Yin, the dark side, is cool and feminine; yang is brighter and corresponds to light and the masculine. Yin is water, while yang is fire. The Yin Yang Diamond brings these two opposing sides together; and by juxtaposing 2 diamonds of 2 colors the composite shape creates the illusion of one whole that faithfully reproduces the ancient symbol. The Yin Yang Diamond can be worn together or in 2 separate ways – with each partner wearing a different color. The most popular combination is black and white, which reflects the traditional yin yang, but the branded cut is being offered in all colors.

Yin Yang – Rough Diamond Cuts

Rough diamonds (set in jewelry – before they are cut and polished) and unique polished diamonds can be seen on this internet site. All diamonds comply with UN Kimberley regulations and all international shipments come with Kimberley Certificates.

Youngman Ideals

Microscopic clarity. Two diamond cutting styles by Phillip Youngman. The Avalon Rose is a round cut. The Excalibur is square. Both are described as premium ideal cuts. Youngman has 3 patents in his name – one is round, another is square, and the third is hexagonal with an interesting faceted flower design on the pavilion.

Zales Diamond

A patented 8-sided octillion cut, the Zales Diamond is available in solitaires, bands, and jewelry in a range of carat weights.

Zen Diamond

The Energy of Love. A brand new concept (from Turkey) by which the energy of love is transmitted through spiral shapes.

Zoe Cut

The Zoe Diamond (modified round 100 perfectly designed facets) uses a new mathematical approach allowing almost twice the amount of light to reflect within the diamond. The Zoe is polished in an extremely limited diamond by Gabrielle Diamonds and is considered to be ultra-exclusive - 12 per year - once a month.