Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Asscher Cut - Traditional Cut

Developed prior to 1910, a variation to the emerald cut but with a smaller differentiated table. The traditional Asscher cut has 58 facets.

Astellion 88 Diamond

Astellion 88 Diamond

Waldman produces the 88 faceted proprietary cut, Astellion, exclusively for the Ginza Tanaka jewelers throughout Japan.

Astrea Cut


A unique cut called Astree was launched in Japan by the leading cosmetic and jewelry company POLA Cosmetics Inc in Tokyo. The jewelry collection is the end result of collaboration between the Japanese company, a diamond cut designer in Israel, and a Paris based jewelry designer. The cut is characterized by its unusual form, and the “feminine lines’ on two sides that are in perfect symmetry. Designed by using a sophisticated computerized laser machine, Astree diamonds are available with grading reports.

Atia 81 Diamond

The Atia 81 diamond was created in partnership with a master cutter, Moses Hodara, who has been polishing and cutting diamonds for 43 years. By adding 24 extra facets to a round brilliant, he designed the Atia that is perfect when set in engagement rings. Each Atia 81 is independently certified and is available up to 2.00 carats, but can be custom cut up to 10.00 carats. All Atia 81 diamonds are designated as “Conflict Free”. The patented and branded diamond is cut in Netanya, Israel "The City of Diamonds".

Aurius Select Diamond

BHP Billiton Diamonds (Belgium) N.V. has 2 branded diamond sales programs, CanadaMark ™ and Aurius™, that sell proprietary polished diamonds to retail outlets in the United States, Canada, and Australia. BHP Billiton is a founding member of the World Diamond Council (WDC) and the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices (CRJP), organizations established to promote responsible business practices throughout the industry from mine to retail. We strongly support these organizations in representing us with respect to these important issues. BHP also notes the CanadaMark program will remain separate from its Aurius™ brand. While the CanadaMark hallmark is intended for use by companies with an established brand, the Aurius brand is for small shops that don't use a particular brand. Aurius Select™ diamonds are cut and polished precisely and the specifications for these proprietary diamonds are exact. The bar is set high. These remarkably cut diamonds are rated by the independent American Gemological Society (AGS) as 000 or Triple 0. AURIAS Select™ diamonds are a cut above - rated, you might say, perfection times three.

Aurora Cut

Australian Star

Defined by quality, AustralianStar - BHP Billiton mined diamonds - come from the Ekati diamond mine in the North West Territories of Canada. Cut to the strictest standards, pure as the driven snow and exceptionally crafted, each AustralianStar Diamond can be verified, signifying the origin of each crystal and unparalleled warranty of quality. The quality of the cut is based on three characteristics: polish, symmetry, proportion. Verification of the authenticity of the AustralianStar™ diamond can be accomplished online by registering the serial number that is laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone.

Baguette - Traditional Cut

Baguettes are (more often than not) calibrated and measured in millimeters (and not by carat weight), because the sizes must be very precise and perfectly matched for a variety of settings. If they are to be set as side stones or in matched pairs, they must be of similar quality, color and clarity to one another (with a minimum tolerance level). The baguette is considered to be a step-cut.

Baguillion Cut

The Baguillion Cut is essentially a baguette diamond with square corners with the faceting of a princess cut. Many styles of the company’s jewelry collection feature Baguillion Cut diamonds, which combine the elongated shape of a baguette and the square princess cut. There also are combinations of Baguillion Cut diamonds with round brilliants in the jewelry line. Baguette World has created a program of consumer advertising and support material for the line.