Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Arctic Empress

Sirius trademarked this 65 faceted modified princess cut under the name Arctic Empress™. These stones are truly cut for beauty.

Arctic Love Diamonds

Arctic Love diamonds are cut and polished so perfectly that they are visibly more brilliant, even to the naked eye. With an ever-increasing interest in non-conflict diamonds, the popularity of Canadian diamonds is soaring. Show your love with a diamond, ethically-mined from Canada's Arctic region. All Arctic Love Diamonds will be cut and polished at WDC’s state-of-the art cutting facilities in Israel, and accompanied by a diamond grading report from either the Gem Trade Laboratory of the Gemological Institute of America (GTL-GIA) or the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL), in addition to a unique ‘Certificate of Origin.

Arctic Star

The Arctic Star is a premium branded proprietary while diamond sourced from Canada. Munic Gems also offers several brands to suit the needs of diverse consumers including natural fancy color diamonds (browns, pinks and yellows).

Arges Diamond Cut

Each Arges Diamond Cut™ comes with a musical gem print and an HRD certificate, as our program with the jewelers support 'Diamonds from Antwerp'. Each diamond will be numbered and laser inscribed on the girdle.

Ariadna ‘89

For more than 30 years, the Vinnytsia Krystall factory has been cutting top quality diamonds in conformity with all diamond market requirements, upholding the reputation of the "Russia Cut” diamond. In 2002, Vinnytsia Krystall Factory obtained a patent for a modified round with 89 facets, Ariadna '89 series, developed by their staff experts. This diamond is described as being aesthetically expressive while retaining the classical round shape.


A breathtaking design with 98 facets reflects strong radiance and dazzles like never before. The new cut was designed using a new balancing system, coordinating brilliancy, scintillation and dispersion. The result is a lively diamond with balance and intense beauty. LID uses the most advanced technology for production; including laser guided robotic arms for fast, precise and consistent cut. Diamonds are Kimberly certified - guaranteed not to be conflict diamonds.

Arrows of Love

Hearts and Arrows. Sizes start at .20 carat up to 1.00. Round brilliant cuts. Larger sizes available upon request. Special viewer. Arrows of Love diamonds are cut to exacting specifications. Retail locator on website includes jewelers across the USA including Maine, Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, and more. Arrows of Love™ are now set in a new, wonderful, and affordable diamond jewelry line for Journey jewelry. When viewed with a scope, you and your customers see see 8 perfect arrows on the table-side. Note on site: The diamonds sold by Pancis Gems, Inc. are conflict-free, and have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict in compliance with applicable United Nations resolutions. Pancis Gems, Inc. hereby states that to the best of its knowledge these diamonds are conflict free, based on written statements provided by suppliers of these diamonds.

Ashoka Cut Diamond

William Goldberg Diamond Corporation has re-created a classic diamond cut, the Ashoka, based on the famous diamond of the same name. Patented in 2000, the.William Goldberg Ashoka (62 facets) is a modified version of the antique cushion cut, with a rectangular girdle outline and rounded corners that capture and disperse light to create a strong brilliance.

Asprey Cut

Lawrence Stroll (a Canadian) and Silas Chou (who is from an old Hong Kong textile family) bought Asprey & Garrard from a prince (the brother of the sultan of Brunei); and then, they brought Asprey to Fifth Avenue at 56th Street (in Manhattan) for all those who aspire to a British luxury lifestyle shopping experience. In an interview, it was explained, that the devil was in the details including “commissioning an exclusive new cut”. The Asprey Cut (A-Cut) was adapted from the cushion cut and inspired by the letter A. In an interview, it was explained, “The detail has, for instance, got down to commissioning an exclusive new cut of Asprey diamond.” The diamond cut incorporates the letter “A” in the 4 corners of the stone and is said to be “very popular among logo-lovers”.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher Cut‚ although not well-defined‚ is generally described as a forerunner of the emerald cut. The Asscher Cut was developed prior to 1910‚ when the rotary diamond saw revolutionized modern diamond cutting.