Special Cut Diamond Shapes


All American Star

Stars have iconic meaning for us all.  As children, our simplest drawings often show bright shining stars, the sun, the moon, trees, grass, animals, a house or our families.  In early school years our best efforts are recognized and rewarded with a star.  Those at the very top of their professions are known to have reached star status… Hollywood stars, rock stars, and super stars!

Amadena Cushion

Familiarize yourself with the new six C's of diamond identification: Cut, Carat, Color, Clarity, Cost and Country. A social and environmental awareness has demanded a new standard of the diamond industry. Consumers now require proof of the Country of Origin. Amadena offers diamonds with a traceable history from Canada's Diavik Mine birthplace to its owner. Photo is from the Right Hand Ring Campaign 2007 (DPS) featuring Cushion Cut Collection.


Three new cuts of diamonds have been created and patented. They gather and reflect light in a very exciting way thus departing from the sheer uniformity and commonness of the old style of cuts. These cuts are known collectively as “Cool Cuts” and individually as Shiva, Heera and Amity. The Amity (33 facets) diamond symbolizes warmth and friendship existing in a relationship between two people. A wide range of celebrities have been invited to design a series of limited edition jewelry using this cut. The National Osteoporosis Society is set to benefit from the sale of 3 new cuts of diamond thanks to the generosity of the London based diamond merchant Emdico and society jeweler Blondel Cluff. The team produced the new cuts, pledging a percentage of the wholesale and retail proceeds of the gems to the NOS. Joanna Lumley has created a Lumley Key using the Amity diamond. This was to be expected from an actress with such a diverse repertoire ranging from Bond Girl via the fashion conscious Patsy in Absolutely Fabulous to her forthcoming role as Ermintrude the Cow in the remake of the Magic Roundabout.

Amore Diamond

In 2001 the Amore Diamond - a perfectly cut round brilliant, which in addition to being ideal in proportion, is totally symmetrical and perfectly polished - was born. Retailers who carry the Amore Diamond receive brochures, stands, counter-cards, and special Amore-scopes to view the Hearts & Arrows effect. The consumer also receives two certificates – the Amore Diamond Document™ – produced by Mor Brothers gemologists, as well as a GIA or AGS lab report. Mor Brother supports sales by advertising Amore in consumer publications in the U.S. and Asia.

Amorillion Cut

The Amorillion is patented and trademarked by AM-GOLD Products‚ Inc. It is a "multidiamond product" or "compound cut" that's composed of two elongated shield-shape or modified trillion-cut diamonds perfectly matched and aligned to create the illusion of a marquise-cut diamond.

Amorique Diamond

The ultimate cushion shape fancy cut diamond, this exciting modern creation represents the union of Birks expertise and design innovation, using the latest diamond cutting technology. At its heart, a star-shaped pattern of facets maximizes its effect for an outstanding reflection of brilliance and fire. The Amorique (70 facets) is a combination of a square shape with curved sides and rounded corners satisfies all geometric desires: no more struggling between the rectangular emerald and pointed-oval shaped marquise cuts. In fact, aficionados will recognize this as a "cushion" or "pillow" cut; a style much favored in the Victorian era that, according to Birks, has become the most requested diamonds on the market today. Birks has invested $10-million and three years in the Amorique, and does not want to compromise the first attempt at producing a proprietary and patent-pending design in the company's 126-year history. The Amorique collection (three-stone rings, solitaire earrings, and pendant necklaces) was launched in 2005. Holly Brubach, a former New York fashion editor and critic, is given credit for transforming the Canadian jeweler, Henry Birks & Sons, “from musty to must-have” two years ago.


trademarked - (Hong Kong and China) hearts and arrows brand initially launched in Shanghai - sold in Southeast Asia. Jewelry for engagements, weddings, anniversaries.

Andre Cut

Andre Cut marquise diamonds boast strategically cut facets. The red (in the diagram) represents how much light is reflected from the diamond. The Andre marquise raises the standard in superior cut (the more light reflected, the brighter the diamond). Rogers and Andrews Jewelers are located in Texas, South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida.

Angel Star

The "AngelStar" was inspired by the stars. 57 facets. In this multi-faceted pentagon cut, the interaction of the light with the facets is so carefully designed that the light sources create a perfect 5 pointed star.

Angelina Cut

The Angelina Diamond cut is a patented cut by Shlomo Cohen, a diamond designer who has many successful patents and branded diamonds in his design portfolio. This multi-faceted cut can be described as an elliptical cut – neither round nor square – somewhat reminiscent of a marquise (without the bow-tie effect of that traditional cut).