Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Tattoo Your Diamond

Consumers interested in a personalized diamond inscribed on a diamond can do it easily in Italy with this concept. The collection was presented in early January 2007 to a group of 200 stores throughout Italy; and an advertising campaign promoting the line was planned for Italy before launching in the rest of Europe and the United States. The exclusive Certificate of Love offers the opportunity to sign a chosen message in the buyer’s own handwriting for inscription on parchment paper The diamond is sent to the IGI lab and the message is engraved on the girdle of the chosen diamond. Within a few days, the consumer receives the ‘tattooed’ diamond ring along with a special lens to read the inscription plus the gem's certificate.

The Paragon

The name, Graff, is synonymous with the most fabulous jewels in the world. Graff cuts what it calls Iconic Jewels – special cuts, special shapes, special colors, special sizes. As a vertically integrated company, it sources and buys rough diamonds from various mines around the world. With more than 20 retail stores worldwide, Graff has polishing and cutting factories based in Johannesburg, Antwerp, Mauritius, and New York. Graff jewels are one of a kind special cuts including the Star of Lesotho (heart shape), the Star of America (asscher cut - 100.57 carats), the Golden Star (101.28 carats - vivid yellow), and the Paragon (special kite shape - 137.82 carats).

The Swana Diamond

The Swana Diamond is a patented unique cut featuring 89 facets displaying a perfect eight-pointed star in the heart of the Diamond, revealing the indescribable brilliance and internal fire. Every Diamond is J or higher in color and SI2 or higher in clarity, and is IGI certified. The Swana Diamond carries a unique certificate of origin from Botswana with a stamped approval logo from the Government of Botswana. Each purchase of a Swana Diamond translates into a direct donation to better the livelihood of children of Botswana and comes with a donation certificate with a personal message/drawing from a child in Botswana.

The Vinci Cut

The pentacle is an upright five-point star encased in a circle. The Divine Proportion, which was invoked by Leonardo Da Vinci in his study of the Vitruvian Man. In 2001, the renowned diamond designer Shlomo Cohen set out to create a “pentacle” cut that would incorporate the ratios of the Divine Proportion. The result of his efforts was what today is called "The Vinci Diamond". It has been patented in Japan, Israel, Belgium and the United States.

Tiana Cut

The Tiana is a cushion cut that is offered for sale in a non competitive marketing program. Produced in most colors and clarities and available in sizes from half carat to two and a half carats. Available as loose goods for special campaigns, new product lines and special order designs, with jewelry contracting supervision available. Plus exclusive jewelry, uniquely custom designed for Tiana by Brite Star. Attractive pricing for good profitability.

Tiffany Diamond

The Tiffany Diamond is a natural fancy color yellow cushion cut – 82 facets (24 more facets than a traditional brilliant cut) – 128.54 carats. "It's the largest diamond on public display in the United States," said Jeffrey Post, curator of gems at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History (where is is on loan from Tiffany & Co.). It is displayed at the museum on a gold and platinum “Bird on a Rock” that was designed in the early 1960s by Jean Schlumberger. The bird is set with white and yellow diamonds accented by a ruby eye.

Tiffany Novo Diamond

The Tiffany Novo, a cushion cut with a unique faceting arrangement, is the jeweler’s newest design - a brilliant cushion-cut creation with spirit, fire and style that is said to give a nod to the past and a glimpse of the future. New this year, it is said to be “ inspired by the Tiffany Diamond, purchased by our founder in 1877.” Tiffany & Co worked at great length to create this true cushion cut on the Novo diamond engagement ring with a brilliant faceting arrangement. For years, the Lucida, the Etoile, the Legacy and the Three Stone were coveted by brides-to-be everywhere. Adding to this dazzling family this season is the Tiffany Novo which boasts a modern diamond cut and setting that redefines traditional taste with a striking newness. Based on the Latin word meaning "to make new" the Novo is inspired by the most stylish stone in Tiffany’s heritage – the Tiffany Jewel. One of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds at 128.54 carats, this famous stone represents the high quality standards established for all Tiffany diamonds.

Trae Signature Diamond

Long's Jewelers proudly presents Trae, an exclusive diamond that reflects their unmatched dedication to quality and value. This particular cut is judged on a true set of standards including light performance; and it comes with a certificate of authenticity supporting the jeweler’s promise of quality. The Trae diamond is unique and can be identified beyond question - the registration number on the certificate is laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone (plus the AGS lab report number as well as the Long's name).


With a new joint venture partnership with an Israeli diamantaire, Shrenuj & Co. (a sightholder based in India) will manufacture and market very special cuts in diamonds branded “Trapz” both for the export markets and for the first time in the Indian markets. The company manufactures and markets very special cuts in diamonds, such as half moon, leafz, stepped trapezoids, tapers, bullets, and brilliant trapezoids. The Trapz brand is supported by a very strong design team, which enables it to offers a number of unique shapes which are futuristic and in line with fashion. The side stones offered by Trapz complement the center stone in a piece of jewelry, and the branded diamonds are widely used by leading jewelry manufacturers worldwide and have achieved a wide acceptance with leading retail jewelers.

Trielle Diamond

Trielle is a patented triangular brilliant cut diamond that differs substantially from any other triangular diamond on the market. (United States Patent D250,100). Every Trielle diamond is an equilateral triangle that is cut with 50 facets - 41 (including the table and culet) plus 9 girdle facets. Trielle diamonds are cut from rough diamonds called macles - hard, flat, often triangular-shaped rough diamonds which usually contain a twin crystal. Because of the many irregularities in the graining of this type of rough diamond, a high degree of cutting expertise is required. The pavilion angles are cut first to shape the rough diamond and create depth. After the pavilion angles, the crown facets are cut and the proportions of the table are determined. The girdle facets are then polished making sure that the resulting shape is a perfectly equilateral triangle. The table and culet are polished last to ensure that there are no scratches or bruises on the stone before the final step. The final step is called brillianteering. It is in this final step that the accuracy of cutting is most crucial. At this point each facet is formed symmetrically-one facet in relation to another. Certificate of Authenticity.