Special Cut Diamond Shapes



Wieder & Shifman, Inc.’s Pairfecto, two diamonds set together as one, creates a larger and more brilliant look than any other diamond of the same weight. The Pairfecto set diamonds are 40-50% larger than any equivalent single diamond while costing 50-60% less. Whereas nine out of ten fancy shapes are plagued with a shadow known as the “bow tie”-the advanced cutting techniques used to create Pairfecto diamonds totally eliminate the shadow. That is what makes Pairfecto diamonds far more brilliant than any other diamond of equal shape and size. With Pairfecto, bigger really is better and more profitable for retailers. Pairfecto set diamonds are 40-50% larger than an equivalent single diamond, yet cost 50-60% less. Therefore, Pairfecto enables retailers to increase their margins by 180 – 300%. All diamonds used for Pairfecto are D to J in color and VVS to SI in clarity. They are available in any carat size and come up to a 10 carat look. With Pairfecto, one can have an endless number of proportioned stones in a succession of sizes. Pairfecto diamonds can be used in diamond necklaces, pendants, stud earrings, rings and ALL other diamond jewelry and accessories. Adar Jewelry Artists, Ltd. can design and manufacture any piece of jewelry upon request to fit your taste and marketing needs.

Passion Flower

The Passion Flower diamond is a unique round designer cut. Created by a master diamond cutter, this patented design is precision cut for maximum brilliance and fire. The unique shape and placement of facets maximizes light return producing a stone with vivid liveliness and sparkle that is brilliant and white from all angles. Produced in extremely limited quantities, each Passion Flower diamond is laser inscribed with the title and year of the cut, edition #, and designer’s initials.

Passion8 Round

The patented ideal cut round - point of sales and brochures - marketing material. Australia and New Zealand. Each Passion8 Round diamond with its 58 exactly placed facets produces a magnificent pattern of Hearts and Arrows when viewed through the specially designed Passion8 scope. Passion8 has been created with one underlying principle in mind - confidence through quality and superiority of product.

Passion8 Square Cut

Like its sister (the Passion8 round diamond) the Passion8 Square diamond is unique in its cutting because all of its facets have been placed in the optimum and perfect position to refract maximum brightness. This is evidenced by observing the results produced when a Passion8 Square diamond is placed in the Fire Trace light analysis device. This computer controlled device measures the exact and precise amount of light that is reflected and refracted in a diamond when placed under varying light conditions.


Developed by Avi Paz Group and marketed by Quadamas, the PrinceCut is a modified emerald shape diamond and was also awarded U.S. and international patents in a baguette shape diamond. There are a total of 111 facets in the PrinceCut: 41 are on the crown and 70 are on the pavilion.

Princess Cut - Traditional Cut

Brilliant style shape, sharp uncut corners, typically cut perfectly square. a princess generally has 76 facets. This shape lends itself to invisibly set jewelry – and is often calbriated for exact measurement and sizes – straight and graduated.

Princess of Hearts

Ideal square cut hearts and arrows, certified by IGI. 80 facets. Advantages: better light reflection and dispersion of colors. Cut and polished in Antwerp.

PrincessPlus Cut (Perfect Princess)

PrincessPlus - 101 facets - patented and trademarked - princess shape - optimized its light return by the way the facets are positioned and cut. One of the features of the cut is “brightness” and the way EFD explains and quantifies how much light is returned. Return of Light Certificate. Set in jewelry - engagement rings, pendants, earrings, etc. Strong advertising and marketing support. Available at retailers in the USA. Featured online on Amazon. Advertising targets the Bridal Jewelry market with engagement rings.

Princette Cut

The Princette is a 48-facet brilliant princess cut baguette. The Princette name is a trademark of Mark Silverstein Diamond Import Co. Pictured is the tapered shape. They tend to show greater brilliance than a traditional baguette and are often used as side stones.

Pristine Heart

A new round brilliant cut marketed under the "Pristine Hearts" brand, the cut bears a heart shape when seen under a 10x loupe or even with the naked eye for bigger sizes from the stone's pavilion. The heart shape makes the cut stand out from regular round diamonds. With 73 facets the cut is patented worldwide. The cut is available from 25 points to 1 carat in J and up colors, SI and up clarity.