Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Magen David Diamond

Magen David or The Shield of David (also called the Star of David) is widely known as the symbol of Judaism.  It is affixed to the pavilion of this diamond so that its reflection is clearly visible within the table as well as throughout the entire stone.

Maharaja Cut

This is one of the more interesting multi-faceted cuts that were designed on behalf of Gitanjali Gems Limited by Adri Voorn. United States Patent - D504,636. The patent diagram is shown from the pavilion.

Maple Leaf cut diamond

Marigold Cut

With 33 facets on the crown, 32 facets on the pavilion, the octagon shaped Marigold cut has the total of 65 facets (step cut on both the crown and the pavilion). The Marigold Cut was originally introduced as part of a group of "Flower Cuts" by De Beers 10 years ago. Nicholas Oppenheimer, chairman of the De Beers Group, presented the 5 new diamond cutting designs at the 24th World Diamond Congress in Singapore in August 1989.


Taking its name from a French legend, this cut is a modified brilliant with 56 facets.

Meteor Cut

The Meteor Cut was born on 10/10/10. This superb diamond cut has a decagonal shape, and its 10 straight walls are wonderfully built of 71 facets. It took 10 months of diligent work and persistent attempts to overcome the technical challenges, in order to cut the diamond with flawless symmetry, each facet perfectly angled, so that it radiates dazzling brilliance. With its exceptional luminosity and endless refraction of light, any Meteor Cut diamond is easily recognized at first glance.

Millennial Sunrise Cut

Oval cut with 7 tables and a total of 43 facets. Patented. The Millennial Sunrise is a diamond cut that was created for the new millennium. The design‚ invented in 1998‚ is cut in Israel in a state-of-the-art factory in Ramat Gan. The company has both a U.S. and an international patent on the cut. Third generation diamond manufacturing and distributing company, Israeli-based Yossi Yerushalmi Diamonds. Its New York marketing subsidiary, Yerudiam, distributes in New York. The company holds a Canadian sight through Aber.

Montblanc Cut

As a reference to the legendary star which has become its trademark and logo, Montblanc commissioned the design of a unique diamond to mark its centenary. This distinctive diamond (that is a part of the pens and watches and jewelry) is a patented 43 faceted cut. The diamond shape took 8 years of research and development to create and is supplied to the company by a DTC sightholder. The company released limited edition anniversary items featuring the diamond. The Montblanc sport tantalum automatic watch has a screwed crown with an automatic Helium valve featuring the diamond limited to 100 pieces. The cap of the Montblanc Meisterstuck Solitaire 1906 pen, which is limited to 1906 pieces, is crowned with the anniversary diamond. Montblanc hosted a VIP gala, "The Night of Stars", on Friday, February 2, 2007, in the ski town of Chamonix, France, to celebrate the launch of their new Diamond Jewelry Collection. The highlight of the evening was the catwalk show. Five top models, Naomi Campbell, Spanish model Nieves Alvarez, German model Franziska Knuppe, Chinese model Mary Ma and Phil Collins' daughter Lily Collins presented the new collection. A diamond collection was also premiered during the 2007 Oscar awards ceremony on February 25 in Qatar. Three necklaces were set with the star shaped special cut including the Etoile necklace. After Qatar, the jewelry will next be displayed in the UAE and then across the world. [The diamonds set on every Montblanc jewel-encrusted product have been purchased by Montblanc from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions / the Kimberley Process certification system (System of Warranties). Montblanc hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.] Boutique locator online.

Montblanc Cut Pen

To celebrate a century of passion and soul, Montblanc has created a unique diamond shape with 43 facets, cut in the form of the Montblanc signet. The diamond pays tribute to the summit of Mont Blanc as a symbol of the highest standards of perfection and master craftsmanship. The Montblanc Diamond crowns this special edition Starwalker fountain pen. (The pen features a cap head that holds a diamond that has been cut into the shape of the famous Montblanc star.) The fountain pen has been designed to appeal to a new generation of Montblanc devotees and has a special ink feeder system for improved writing. The barrel and cap are made of precious black resin accented with three platinum-plated rings and clip. The famous Montblanc diamond star on the top of the cap appears to float in its dome of clear acrylic. The Starwalker has a hand-crafted, rhodium plated 14 ct. gold nib and takes the standard Montblanc ink cartridge. The Starwalker 100 Years Special Edition fountain pen is supplied in a luxury presentation gift box . The pen has a medium nib and comes with a two year guarantee against mechanical defects.

My Girl Diamond

The My Girl Diamond is an original eight-sided square cut diamond which allows for better design and manufacturing. The design of the cut requires a skilful eye and expertise that combines optic light behaviour, mathematics and the careful analysis of the diamond in its rough form. Up to 50% of its original weight can be lost in achieving this perfection.