Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Kabbalah Diamond

Kristal Diamonds designed a unique pendant set with the Kabbalah Diamond, a natural rough diamond engraved with kabbalistic letters, combined with a red leather and gold band.

Kessler 81

The Kessler 81 is a signature diamond featuring 81 facets that was designed by Moses Hodara and cut in Netanya Israel. To create this diamond, the master cutter selects polished round diamonds with 57 facets and adds 24 more facets during the polishing process producing diamonds, as the internet site says, “that dance in every ray of light”. Kesslers Diamond Center (5 locations in Wisconsin) believes in the importance of being good corporate citizens, so they have developed a number of ways in which they try to give something back to their local communities.

Kiss Cut

Yossi Atuar has created a new cut that’s unlike any other fancy diamond known today. He calls it the Kiss cut. It features an elongated stone, shaped like two lips. Atuar is hoping that a manufacturer will fall in love with the cut and put it into production.

Kissing Diamonds

Here's one for the romantics. Instead of having two diamonds side by side, the Kissing Diamonds ring sets them end to end (or, more properly, culet to culet) so that the shape of the diamonds from kissing lips. Truly innovative, the Kissing Diamonds is a patented product and each piece is hand crafted by the highly experienced jewelers at the house of Kissing Diamonds. Every piece comes with a center diamond on top and a partnering diamond inverted on the bottom - forming the Diamond Kiss. Exclusive to Goldsmiths, each pair of Diamonds is carefully selected in order to create the most compatible unison.

Kite Diamond - Traditional Cut

The Kyte Diamond was available exclusively at Bailey Banks & Biddle set in earrings, necklaces, and crosses. The proprietary kite shaped diamond was handcrafted by Leo Schachter for the jewelers.

Korloff Cut

Korloff Paris, an international luxury brand with more than 45 boutiques and 450 points of sale, opened its first boutique in the United States in Salt Lake City, Utah. At the center of the Korloff brand is an 88 carat black diamond, the Korloff Noir. Beautiful internet site featuring the Korloff Cut - an 8 sided rectangular modified emerald shape cut.

Kotlar Cushion

The branded Kotlar Cushion is based on an antique cushion cut. This modern version has double the number of facets arranged in a unique pattern. This cut adds 3 facets to the traditional 58 facets in rounds and is designed with a facet arrangement in which the 4 main star facets point toward the corners of the stone.

Kristall Radiant

Kristall Smolensk has developed more than 80 unique fancy diamond cuts, including the Kristall Radiant - a modified square cut with side faceting that produces superior return of light performance. Promotional material.

Kristall Russian Cut

Nate Morgan, Sr. emigrated from Europe in 1900. His destination was Salt Lake City, Utah; where his father's friend had a pawn shop that Nate could work in. After a little over a year, he became the store manager and he saved most of the money he earned, and in 1914 he and a friend purchased a store in Burley, Idaho. From here, they opened a store in Pocatello, Idaho. Nate was very customer service oriented. He hired a goldsmith and a watchmaker to help serve his customers. During this period of time, the railroads were one of the nation's largest businesses. They employed nearly 10 % of all industrial workers. Pocatello was a main hub for the Union Pacific Railroad. Morgan's became the official inspector for the railroad, meaning all railroad employees in the area had to have their railroad watches inspected and calibrated at Morgan Jewelers. This was done only by the official watch timer in order to keep the trains running on time. In the 21st century, accuracy and quality can be found with the jeweler’s Kristall Russian Cut diamonds – exquisite diamonds mined, cut, and polished in Russia and set in 14 karat gold. Bridal jewelry comes in an elegant keepsake box. Morgan Jewelers has now expanded to 17 stores across the western part of the USA. Most locations and the company’s headquarter are in Utah, additional states include Montana, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and most recently Idaho.

Kya Diamond

"Our task was to create a South African diamond brand that would give a compelling reason to buy diamonds and create huge desire and preference for diamond jewelry amongst the domestic consumer target segment," said Thoko Modisakeng, DTC marketing manager. "The brand is meant to provide value to all the stakeholders in the value chain and bring diamonds into the news." In order to communicate the new Kya marketing activities, the DTC ran retailer briefing sessions in mid March in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The diamond (representing the power and individuality of women) concept celebrates the success and independence of South African women today, according to the DTC.