Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Half Moon

Happy Eight Diamond

Laser inscription. Certification by IGI – International Gemological Institute. Exclusive to the Moti Ganz Diamond Shop in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo).

Hearts & Arrows Cushion Cut

Yossi Atuar offers a unique service - custom-made diamond design using computerized programs, custom-made tools - at a reasonable cost.” Atuar specializes in very large diamonds. Using scanned diamonds and 3D programs, he is able to lower risks by simulating the final cut, measuring light return and analyzing light performance before the diamond is actually cut. But Atuar’s real love is in designing new cuts for mass-production, and this is where he believes the future lies. “The market is always looking for something new.” Atuar designed a new cushion cut, with a brilliance factor, he says, that can compete with any round cut. He also found that by modifying the proportions “somewhat” he can create a cushion that features hearts and arrows!

Hearts & Star

The “Hearts & Star” is a 81 faceted diamond. The interaction between the light and the carefully cut facets is so accurately designed and mastered, that a stunning, perfect 5 pointed star is created and surrounded by 5 hearts that is clearly seen. The “Hearts & Star” – sincere emotions !

Hearts for Eternity

The Hearts for Eternity is a perfect stone, cut perfectly, revealing a pattern of 8 hearts and 8 arrows. In addition, each diamond has laser inscribed on its girdle, the Hearts for Eternity logo, the diamond's AGS identification number, and a brief personal expression of love. Packaged in a beautiful box with the Arrow Scope to view the hearts pattern and the Inscription Loupe to read the inscription, Hearts for Eternity diamond jewelry is a unique romantic gesture.

Hearts On Fire

A diamond’s cut, more than any other factor determines how brilliantly it will shine. Only a select group of artisans world-wide have mastered the skills necessary to cut diamonds to the superlative standards set by Hearts On Fire. Proprietary technology enables these craftsmen to perfectly position, hand-polish and analyze each facet at 100x magnification – 10 times the international and industry requirements. The story of Hearts On Fire always begins with the selection of only nature’s finest diamond crystals. Each is then meticulously crafted by master artisans. Using state of the art techniques and 100x magnification – 10 times the industry standard – the master cutters are able to attain the highest level of precision and perfection on every facet. The Unique Serial Number, Kimberly Process Certification, all Vital Statistics and a comparative Cut Scale are also recorded on the Hearts On Fire Diamond Identity Document.

Heartshape - Traditional Cut

A modified round brilliant facet configuration, the name is based upon it's shape.

Heartstar - Princess

For many years now, the princess cut diamond has been very popular. in fact, the princess cut is second only to the round brilliant diamond in sales. Certified by the American Gem Society. Squared...total brilliance from all 4 sides. Heartstar is a program for Freshley Media clients only, addressing the romantic bridal markets, and showcasing precision cut hearts and arrows diamonds.


Three new cuts of diamonds have been created and patented. They gather and reflect light in a very exciting way thus departing from the sheer uniformity and commonness of the old style of cuts. These cuts are known collectively as “Cool Cuts” and individually as Shiva, Heera and Amity. Heera is the supreme Greek Goddess of marriage and fertility. The Heera cut (49 facets) celebrates this universal tradition. A wide range of celebrities have been invited to design a series of limited edition jewelry using this cut. The National Osteoporosis Society is set to benefit from the sale of 3 new cuts of diamond thanks to the generosity of the London based diamond merchant Emdico and society jeweler Blondel Cluff. The team produced the new cuts, pledging a percentage of the wholesale and retail proceeds of the gems to the NOS. Dawn French, part of one of the most successful partnerships in British Comedy today, designed her first ever piece of jewelry for the Dazzler Campaign using the Heera diamond. Stephen Webster, a high society jeweler, designed the Whirling Goddess for the Dazzler Campaign. Inspired by the Heera cut, this dramatic ring reflects the supremacy of the Greek goddess herself.

Hope - Hearts and Arrows

Proprietary round and square hearts and arrows, loose diamonds, and jewelry set with the branded cuts. The Hope Original Square Cut is a cushion cut with 58 facets and is said to have perfect hearts and arrows. Consumer confidence (to protect the jewelry buying public), ethical standards (at all levels of the supply chain down), and CSR Corporate Social Responsibility program. Hope has embraced the Kimberley Process (a scheme that imposes extensive requirements on participants to certify that shipments of rough diamonds are completely legitimate); and it strictly ensures that all diamonds bought, manufactured, and sold are conflict free.