Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Gabrielle Cut

The Gabrielle diamond is available in rounds and a variety of fancy shapes with precisely placed facets: round (105 facets), oval, pear, emerald (81 facets), heart, carre (81 facets), marquise, and cushion. The Gabrielle Diamond was brought to India by Laxmi Diamond and launched at a fashion show which Rohit Verma choreographed and where models displayed jewelry set with the patented cut. “We decided to challenge and produce one of the most sophisticated modern cuts in India for which we have created a very selective unit, learning patiently to produce the best” said Mr.Vasant Gajera, Chairman, Laxmi Diamond in an interview. Laxmi Diamond is also the owner of the CYGNUS brand and has a presence in about 200 outlets across India.


This is a modified version of an earlier design that is adapted from the Genesis cut that was patented in 2002. The cut differs in shape from the more traditional cuts in its concave surfaces and angles and resembles a 4-pointed star (but the point have been cut off to make setting easier).


Geomatrix is one of the special cuts belonging to Benjamin Mor who features geometric diamonds as unique side stones in semi-mounts as well as center stones. The ring designs often incorporate uncommon diamond shapes (including half moons, bullets, and trapezoids). The rings are described as having “dramatic lines that embody the contemporary desire for bridal jewelry which is both classically beautiful and fashion forward”.


Product differentiation signifies a shift from the routine diamond polishing practice. Gitanjali holds the patents for 26 unique cuts including the Fresia (modified round brilliant), Czar, Lotus, Azura, Butterfly, Dew (8-sided), Flame, Fiorella, Glory (square modified brilliant), Ivy, Jupiter, Lilac, Magnolia, Maharaja, Mars, Moon, Pine, Queen (octagonal shape), Saturn, Star, Sun (square modified brilliant), Tulip, Twinkle, Victoria (octagonal), and Wild Orchid (November 15, 2005 United States Patent D511474). A cutting division and factory was set up in Dubai to polish the patented Damas Cut Said Mr Adri Voorn, Director, Gitanjali Gems, "This patenting process has been path-breaking in the diamond industry. The production was possible with the combination of historical tools and technical knowledge, the essential parameters being maximum sparkle and look." Most of the cuts were branded after the patenting process was completed. Created by a highly skilled workforce under the supervision of the Belgian expert, Adri Voorn, the Damas Solitaire diamond offers a superior cut advantage. Unveiled by the actor, Amitabh Bachchan, one of the most recognizable figures from the sub-continent, the collection is a tribute to the triumph of the indomitable spirit, the collection is available at all Damas' outlets.

Goldstar Round

Proprietary modified round with 90 facets.

Grace Cut

The Grace Cut is one in a series of branded fancy shapes called the Royal Cuts‚ manufactured and distributed by the partnership of Israel-based RaphaeliStschik Diamonds. The cut was invented by Gershon A. Stschik in 1992 and is trademarked by Raphaeli-Stschik Diamonds worldwide.

Grunberger Precision Cut

The Grunberger Precision Cut is a specialized small round (from 0.005 to 0.35 carats) with hearts & arrows. Vina Star Diamonds is the production plant. Considered to be "the new standard for small ideals”, these small, calibrated ideals lend a whole new brightness to pav? and smaller pieces.

GS Cut

Paired diamonds have a special appeal that can greatly enhance the beauty of any item of jewelry. GS Diamonds, produces identical pairs of diamonds in various shapes, from bullets, trapezoids, shields and half moons to a distinctive "house-shaped" cut. The company’s proprietary special GS Cut is a unique shape that also comes in identical pairs. "The ability to supply 2 completely identical diamonds in various shapes is vital to the use of side stones. We provide identical diamond pairs from the aspects of shape, color, clarity and proportion in a range of shapes and sizes, from 40 points to 4 carats (per pair). To this specialized aspect of twin stones, we add a truly unique element: The cut applied to the top of the diamond is different than the cut on the bottom of the stone. The use of a different cut on top than on the bottom enables greater versatility and adaptability to more solitaire stones." Plans are to launch Internet sales of the twin stones. The company feels that, "The Internet is the perfect channel for us. The customer can view the merchandise that he wishes to order online. We only need to supply details regarding color and clarity. This can expedite business significantly."

GS Cut and Halfmoonbg

The GS cut looks like a kite with a flat side at the top of the stone and a different one on the bottom, so it can be paired with a round diamond. Halfmoonbg- a baguette suitable for step cuts and precious stones. The company markets the special cuts directly to customers and uses no advertising program.