Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Facet Structure - Square H&A

As with rounds the facet structure is very similar since the cutters were attempting to mimic the most brilliant rounds. From the top or crown view you have your 8 stars (in purple), 8 bezels (in red), 16 upper girdle facets (in teal) and 1 table (pink). On the pavilion, 8 pavilion mains (blue) and 16 lower girdles (yellow). Each Square H&A is lab graded by non other than GIA. No diamond we have witnessed gets lower than "Very Good/Very Good", however most get Excellent/Excellent with regards to the polish & symmetry grades. Neither the polish or the symmetry grade however affect the optics of these diamonds which is more directly affected by the proportions & optical symmetry. The proportions on the Ideal Squares all fall within the current AGS definitions of "Ideal Cut" regarding crown angles, pavilion angles and table size.

Faceted Gemstone

Chad Haggar (Los Angeles, California) designed this multi-faceted diamond (as seen in the diagram) and assigned it to Kristall Classics, Inc. in Los Angeles. USA Patent #D499983.

Fan Cut

Fan Cut - unique shape - patented (500,963) in the USA. Diarough, Antwerp

Fire Diamonds

The Hearts & Arrows Kit includes: Fire Scope - to verify the Hearts and Arrows phenomenon, works by shining colored light down through the diamond. If the stone being viewed has been perfectly crafted to ultimate ideal standards, the observer, looking through 15X magnification, will see the pattern of hearts on the backside of the diamond (pavilion) and arrows on the front side of the diamond (table), in black against a colored background. Diamond Viewing Loupe - a 10X magnifying device to view diamond clarity. Tweezers - for easier handling and maneuvering of the diamond for viewing purposes. Instruction Manual. Storage Box - a decorative case that contains the AGS certificate, all related paper work, and all of the accessories listed above.

Fire of Africa

Fire of Africa - Mined, cut and polished in Botswana. Official Certificate. Diamonds from the Heart of Africa. The diamonds capitalize on the mystique of Africa and each diamond comes with a certificate indicating that it has been cut and polished inside the borders of Botswana.

FireMark Princess Cut

FireMark Princess Cut

This particular cut of diamond is distinguished by a patent-pending “double-crown” with additional and specifically designed facets and distinctive angles that enhance the fire and brilliance of the stone, as well as having shaved corners which offer an increased durability. Consistently graded “Excellent” for polish and symmetry by the GIA. Consistently rated “Excellent” for Light Performance by GCAL. Patent-pending “Double Crown” with additional facets and distinctive angles that enhance the diamond’s fire and brilliance. Chamfered (shaved) corners for significantly increased durability (invisible to the naked eye). Smaller tables (68% maximum). Depths of less than 71%. FireMark™ trademarked logo inscribed on the girdle. Hasenfeld-Stein Inc. Available only to independent retail jewelers (not available on Polygon, RapNet, or any other B2B or B2C website). Geographic exclusivity. Specially designed sleeve for the GIA certificate. Custom GCAL Certificate. 10 page consumer handout brochure (featuring original photography). Full color and black & white ad slicks (featuring original photography). Personalized Counter Cards. Sales training. Hasenfeld-Stein will offer FireMark stones with clarity of VS-SI1, color D-I, excellent cut and between 0.7 and 3 carats.

Flame Cut Diamond

Flame Cut Diamond

Yossi Hacmon is said to be passionate about designing innovative new cuts; and as the Flame’s designer, he would like to develop this into a recognizable worldwide brand name. The cut was considered by the Gemological Institute of America to be an original cut, appropriately naming it: Flame Step Cut. Launched a few years ago at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, jewelry set with the Flame diamonds is available at high-end jewelry retailers in the United States and the Far East. This diamond is a step cut with a total of 57 facets with asymmetric sides. The cut represents the evolvement of the successful patented "Lady Cut" - a modified half-moon shape diamond with step cut facets. This patented cut is polished at the company’s factory in Tel Aviv. Flame diamonds are set in jewelry and watches, and despite its unique shape, it is really quite versatile.

Flame Cut Jewel

Gitanjali Gems Limited (Mumbai, India) received a patent ( D511991) for this shape that was designed by Adri Voorn. This is only one of the 26 patented (or patent pending) special cuts in the Gitanjali portfolio.

Flanders Ideal Square Cut

The Flanders Ideal Square Cut has the visual outline of a square shape, with 4 short sides and 4 long sides‚ almost like an emerald shape with 4 cut corners. The diamond is cut to ideal proportions for maximum brilliance. The cut was first polished in 1987 in a small diamond polishing factory near Antwerp, the capital of Flanders, the northern federal region of Belgium, and comes with certification from the HRD Gemological Institute. Chicago based, National Diamond Syndicate, Inc. (a family owned business with more than 3 generations of experience) is the distributor for this cut in the USA. NDS has “Strategic Alliance Partners” in Antwerp, Belgium; Mumbai, India; and Ramat Gan, Israel.

Floating Heart

The Floating Heart is a composite diamond invisibly set with four special cut "4 ever" diamonds.