Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Echo Diamond

The Echo round diamond has 98 facets that allow it to shine like a star. The Echo princess has 78 facets that allow increased brilliance over the standard princess cut diamond. The rough is hand selected and then cut into the most brilliant and most affordable diamonds. Exclusively distributed in the USA at Robbins Bros.

Eight Diamond Cut

8 Diamond Cut Inspired by the celestial heavens is TM Diamonds Eight Cut stone design, also called the "Double Diamond."  This unique cut displays nature in all its glory and symmetry.

Eight Hearts

Yair Shimansky developed his own brand of Hearts & Arrows diamonds in South Africa, called "The Eight Hearts" Diamond. When viewed through a special Ideal Scope viewer (available at all Shimansky stores), the diamond displays a perfect eight hearts pattern when viewed from the bottom, and a perfect eight arrow star when viewed from the top. This pattern proves beyond question that the facets on the diamond's table (top) and pavilion (bottom) have been cut for perfect alignment and proportion, ensuring maximum fire, brilliance and scintillation.

Eighternity Cut

A unique 81-facet design, the Eighternity is the next generation of the round diamond that exhibits visual qualities superior to standard round brilliants, while maintaining a distinctly different appearance. The diamond shows a double-headed arrows and beautiful flower pattern when viewed from the top; a special viewer, included with your stone, lets you see the patterns clearly even when the stone is mounted. Certified by the Gemological Institute of America. Certification number and Eighternity logo micro-laser inscribed on every stone, visible through a special second viewer supplied with every stone. All Eighternity diamonds are responsibly cut and polished, using only conflict-free untreated natural diamonds.

EightStar Diamond

The quest to create a diamond with perfect light return has involved many technical theories,including the "Ideal" cut which set a new standard for beauty. But it took the invention of the Firescope to create a diamond fully lit with brilliance and fire: The EightStar. The graphics on the left are of the Eightstar Diamond as seen through a Firescope. An EightStar diamond cannot be produced by an automated or computerized system. Its secret is that each cutter learns to let the diamond dictate its own path to perfect light return.

Eighty Eight Cut

This is a unique 8 sided cut with 88 facets. 8 sides, shaped to perfection, 88 facets , 30 more facets than a  traditional round. Patented and certified.

Eighty eight facets (88facets )

The most discernible difference from the 58 facet brilliant cut is in the innovative girdle, containing 16 light-relecting symmetrical facets, while the pavilion is cut at three different angles. The 88facets diamonds have laser-engraved serial number and are sold an HRD certificate and a certificate of authenticity signed by master polisher John Ceulemans.

Elara Diamond

The Elara Cut Diamond has a square outline, and its developers say it has the brilliance and scintillation of a round diamond. With 61 facets, 4 more than a round brilliant, Elara is a truly unique new diamond shape. Elara has a collection of jewelry available through premiere jewelers across the United States. All Elara Diamonds are conflict-free diamonds.

Elexese Diamonds

It has taken a while to determine the optimal proportions and angles that would give any diamond shape maximum visual impact. The Diamond Masters Guild designed the Elexese Diamond for maximum visual impact and as a reliable benchmark for judging the quality of cut for rounds and fancy shaped diamonds.


145 facet cushion cut solitaire.