Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Damas Cut

The international jewelry retailer, Damas, has introduced a collection featuring its new diamond cut. “We are launching an exclusive jewellery collection featuring the diamond brand,” Tamjid Abdullah, deputy MD, Damas and creator of Damas Cut. Damas Cut diamonds are characterized by 77 facets and are an amalgamation of the qualities of Princess, Asscher and Radiant cuts. The newly-launched cut is set apart from other square-shaped diamonds with its symmetry and the angle of its facets which help in maximizing light reflection. It also has a ‘d’ engraved on its girdle along with a serial number to verify authenticity. “It (the cut) is the culmination of extensive research, dialogue and collaboration with global experts and long working hours at our laboratories and workshops to enhance the stone's innate beauty,” Abdullah said. The brilliance of diamonds is largely determined by the cut, and with the brand's 77 perfectly symmetrical facets, it is delivered in powerful dimension and intensity. Damas Cut is set apart from other square-shaped diamonds due to the symmetry and angle of its facets that maximize light reflection. The premium diamond brand was created by Damas in partnership with Kristall, a leader in the global diamond industry with headquarters in Russia. Smolensk Kristall's Russian make is renowned in diamond markets across the globe for the exceptional fire and brilliance it brings to the stone. Damas Cut stands unique with each stone engraved with a 'd' found in the girdle, depicting the Damas trademark of excellence and laser-inscribed with a serial number to verify authenticity. The brand's adherence to the highest standard of quality is backed by the Dubai-based International Diamond Laboratories (IDL) - a prestigious organization in the field of natural diamonds certification.

Daussi Cushion

The Daussi Cushion (58 facets) is a shape-based cut. Each diamond is cut to slightly different tolerances by the designer Henri Daussi.

David Star Diamond

The Star of David diamond is a full depth, brilliant diamond. However, when compared to a full round brilliant cut, the Star of David shape requires a cutter to cut away a larger part of the rough material than usual. However, the two partners in the Star of David project say they believe that the material lost in the rough is compensated for by the emotional value that the diamond's shape offers.

David Yurman Signature Cut Diamond

In an interview for Elegant Bride magazine, Meghan McEwen wrote, “David Yurman was not willing to add just any diamond to one of the cable designs he's known for, David Yurman wanted to do it right. On Yurman's terms, that meant a signature diamond - two and a half years in the making. The result is a patent pending hearts and arrows cushion cut.” The centerpiece of the jewelry designer’s bridal collection has become this exclusive cut which is a distinctively proportioned and symmetrical cushion shaped diamond that is sold exclusively at David Yurman boutiques across the USA including Dallas, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada; Atlanta, Georgia; Bal Harbour, Florida; King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; Beverly Hills, California; and Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Pictured on the left: Cross Over Cable pave engagement ring with a David Yurman Signature Cut Diamond.

Decagon Diamond

Hearts and arrows - 88 facets – 10 sides. Codenamed “DX-1”, the diamond shows the perfect formation of 10 hearts and arrows when viewed under a proportion-scope.


The Destinee, the perfect diamond, burns with white fire and sets your heart ablaze like no other. A perfectly cut diamond like Destinee deserves a setting that will enhance, not distract from her beauty. Every Destinee diamond setting is designed exclusively to meet this goal - unmatched brilliance and fire. Available in Lee Hwa Jewellery (Singapore) and at Aspial (www.aspial.com).

Diamond Array

Embark with us on a journey to unique shapes and a variety of combinations. Compound cuts that are set with diamonds cut and matched with a computerized laser cutting machine. Perfectly matching designs. Unique rough sources. Photographs of rough diamonds online. Kimberley Certificates.

Diamond Rain

Located in Walvis Bay, Namibia, Mars Investment Holding (Pty) Ltd is a modern, state of the art diamond cutting and polishing factory that is focused on production of the highest quality finished diamonds internationally known as “Russian Cut”. All diamonds produced by the company and sold in Namibia are marketed under the “Diamond Rain” trade mark. Mars offers its product directly from the factory to the client thus ensuring the highest quality standards. A visit at the factory to a Museum of Diamond Mining and Cutting gives visitors the whole idea and insight into the diamond manufacturing process.


Branded by Ervin Knoepfler, Diapearls are natural diamonds which have been rounded out in a complicated mechanical procedure. With their excellent stability and resistance to chemical and mechanical attack, Diapearls offer a unique advantage over traditional cultured pearl.

Dillenium Cut

Modified round. 100 facets