Special Cut Diamond Shapes


Baguette - Traditional Cut

Baguettes are (more often than not) calibrated and measured in millimeters (and not by carat weight), because the sizes must be very precise and perfectly matched for a variety of settings. If they are to be set as side stones or in matched pairs, they must be of similar quality, color and clarity to one another (with a minimum tolerance level). The baguette is considered to be a step-cut.

Baguillion Cut

The Baguillion Cut is essentially a baguette diamond with square corners with the faceting of a princess cut. Many styles of the company’s jewelry collection feature Baguillion Cut diamonds, which combine the elongated shape of a baguette and the square princess cut. There also are combinations of Baguillion Cut diamonds with round brilliants in the jewelry line. Baguette World has created a program of consumer advertising and support material for the line.

Barocut Diamond

Barocut diamond - 77 facets (81 in cut-corner style) - patented and trademarked by Baroka Creations, Inc. "The Two Heart Diamond"- 2 hearts meet (point to point) deep into the culet of the diamond. The Barocut is also available in patented tapered shapes. Featured in a number of magazines (including For the Bride, Wedding Dresses and the annual bridal issue of Town & Country).

Baroness Cut

The Baroness is an octagonal modified brilliant.


The Bellerina pendant dances in a spiral of graceful curves. By request of the designers, $50.00 will go to the buyer’s charity of choice or to the World Centers of Compassion for Children International.

Bez Ambar – Special Cuts

Combining his artistic talent and technical skills, Bez Ambar is known for his versatility in diamond cutting and setting a myriad of special cut diamonds. Ambar’s innovation inspired a new line that not only compliments his classic works of art, but allows him to push his creativity to new levels, as in the yellow heartshape diamond seen here. Prior to his obsession with the art of jewelry design, Bez pursued a career as an artist and studied painting and sculpture in London. When asked why he switched his focus to jewelry he replied, ”Beautiful women do not wear paintings.”


Conceived from the passions of master diamond cutter, Eugene Biro, the Biro88™ diamond is the world’s most dazzling diamond for the world’s most radiant woman. Biro sought to improve on the round Ideal Cut Diamond, so he devoted 4 years in research and development determining the exact facet placement required to create the world’s most brilliant diamond. The result: the exclusive Biro88™ branded diamond that comes with a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. The diamonds are laser inscribed on the girdle and are accompanied by a grading report from a leading gemological laboratory, a GemEx® light performance report, and a Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing its genuineness and natural state.


What do you give a woman who just handed you the greatest gift on earth? More than just a diamond.

Blaze Cut

BLAZE is the latest creation from Bez Ambar, co-creator of the “Princess Cut” and “Quadrillion” diamond. The Blaze cut maximizes the diamond’s brilliance by adding an exceptional fire to every facet. Once again setting a new standard in diamond cutting history.

Blonde Diamonds

Special cuts just for color. Speaking of color, some of the more innovative and exciting initiatives involve Louis Glick's Blonde Diamonds. Their advertising campaign featured “Meet a Natural Blonde” and “New Blonde in Town.” What Louis Glick did was he branded special cuts by highlighting natural fancy color yellow diamonds; and, thereby, created a new look for natual fancy colors to satisfy a diversified market.