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Radiant Star Cushion

Traditional round brilliant and cushion cut diamonds have always been cut with 58 and 57 facets. At Helzberg Diamonds, a bold new approach to diamond cutting created rounds and cushions with 145 facets. The additional surface area of those extra facets means the diamond has more potential for sparkle, but that's not enough. The facets must be carefully arranged in order to capture and play with the light as much as possible, resulting in an exceptionally brilliant and scintillating diamond. Certified by the International Gemological Institute, the certificate of authenticity provides an accurate statement of the diamond's weight, color and clarity, based on an internationally recognized system. GemEx (the expert in light-performance analysis) objectively and scientifically evaluates the light performance of the diamond by measuring the rates of the diamond's white light (brilliance), color light (fire) and scintillation (sparkle). In order for a diamond to earn the name Helzberg Radiant Star, it must have ratings in the "very high" end of the scale on two of the three GemEx measurements, with none of the measurements lower than "high".

Rand Diamond

Rand diamonds are exclusively cut and polished by a South African sightholder located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Rand buys its rough only from the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), a subsidiary of DeBeers, which is the world’s largest diamond mining company. www.randbrand.com Rand diamonds are the first in the jewelry industry to feature a Provenance Report that guarantees the stone is 100% natural, unenhanced, and in compliance with all United Nations resolutions regarding diamonds (conflict free). The Rand diamond is also the first to boast of a “zero tolerance precision cut”.

RCDC Original Radiant Cut Diamond

RCDC sets the standard for evaluating and measuring radiant cut diamonds. The Radiant Cut Diamond combines the classic elegance of the traditional emerald cut shape with the sparkle of the "brilliant" cut. Until the Radiant Cut was developed and patented in 1977 by Henry Grossbard, RCDC's founder, people attracted to the elegance of the emerald cut shape had to compromise on brilliance. The Radiant Cut allows people to choose an exquisitely shaped rectangular diamond without any compromise. The Original Radiant Cut Diamond Certificate provides the hard data that ensures that each Original Radiant Cut Diamond is cut to the highest standards in the industry.

Reed’s Radiant Diamond

A diamond perfected in its cut and polish by Russian master craftsmen. Each of the Reed’s Radiant Diamonds has a unique identification number and the Kristall logo laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond for positive identification. Diamond Grading and Light Analysis reports.


The Regent Cut diamond shape was born at the Atlass Group in Antwerp, Belgium. A joint venture with Horowitz & Atlass, New York City brings the Regent Cut™ to the U.S. market. The 66-facet Regent Cut™ is based in part on the Regent Diamond, part of the French Crown Jewels that history texts have long declared the world's most perfectly cut diamond. There are 41 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion of the Regent Cut™. The Regent has been superceded by the "Queen of Hearts" and now The Jubilee Diamond as being the best of all modified square diamond shapes (all produced by Horowitz & Atlass).

Regent Cut

The Regent Cut is designed to give the brilliance of a round in a square shape‚ while offering perfect symmetry. It is named after the Regent diamond‚ which was part of the French Crown jewels. It is the only square shape made to hearts and arrows standards.

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