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Hearts and arrows - 58 facets - trademarked - offers its authorized distributors television scripts, cinema ads, and billboard formats. Master Diamond Certificate. AGS ideal cut. GIA ex ex.

Lovely Cut

The Lovely Cut Heart shape diamond has 59 facets. It is manufactured from 0.05 points up to 5.00 Carat size.


74 facets - round - patented. Marketing program. Earrings and 3 stone diamond rings come with a Lovemark Diamond Jewelry Certificate. Patented "beam tracing" technology. GIL was chosen as the lab for a new 73 faceted round diamond cut, the Lovemark, produced and distributed by Stuckey Diamond of Houston, Texas. Plans were that the Lovemark would be sold exclusively through a small group of select retailers the first year, and then to about 500 independent retailer customers of Stuckey in 2005. According to GIL (Gemworld International Laboratories), “The Lovemark exhibits excellent light performance qualities. Stuckey worked with DTI to design and manufacture a diamond that registers a minimum of Very Good on our Cut Quality Index and all rate Excellent on our Light Return Index

Lucere Diamond

The Lucere diamond is a square stone with a step cut crown and a brilliant pavilion.To maximize the brilliance of the diamond (65 facets - 25 facets on the crown and 40 facets on the pavilion), Ernest Slotar, Inc. cuts round octahedron within a strict set of parameters of table and depth percentages, hence the registered trademark "Cut By Gauge". A diamond in the Lucere cut has 3 tiers of step cut on the crown, with modified round brilliant facets at the pavilion. Because the Lucere Diamonds are cut within strict parameters, it is easy to match the stones and the cut corners make them safe and simple to set. The full brand name is "The Cut By Gauge Lucere Diamond". The majority are polished in Johannesburg, South Africa (at a factory that employs more than 20 workers). Polished production is from 0.40 to 11.00 carats, in a full range of colors and qualities. GIA or AGS certificates. Ernest Slotar, Inc. also provides its proprietary certificates with images of the diamonds. Lucere diamonds are girdle-inscribed with the Lucere name and an identification number unique to each stone. There are 2 types of Lucere diamonds. The American Lucere features a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. These diamonds are always square. The European Lucere, fashioned likr a radiant-cut diamond, has 20 more facets than the American version (16 of the additional facets are placed on the crown and four on the pavilion). The European Lucere can be cut and polished either as a square or a rectangle.

Lucida Cut

A patented Tiffany original, the Lucida (50 facets – square – mixed cut – asscher/cushion) with its brilliant style pavilion and high-step crown is a considered to be a “modern masterpiece”. Lucida‚ which means the brightest star in a constellation, is shown here as a 3-stone ring, with 2 matched bezel-set Lucida side stones and a Lucida center stone.

Lucida Rectangular Cut

A patented Tiffany original, this interpretation of Tiffany's original Lucida diamond cut features a dramatic elongated profile. Pictured here, the rectangular Lucida diamond is shown with 2 triangular side stones. Lucida‚ which means the brightest star in a constellation‚ is available exclusively at Tiffany & Co. worldwide. Certificate of authenticity and integrity.

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