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Lotus Cut 4 Leaves

The Lotus Cut Diamond shape was created as part of our vision of spiritual diamonds concept combined with beauty fashion the art of diamond polishing and the symbol of eternity.

Lotus Ring

A single diamond, serenely poised in a Signature Lotus Ring, is a favorite choice for active lifestyles. Judy Libby Brown and Steve Brown participated in a Diamond Safari in South Africa with their private label brand and also volunteered building a new home with Habitat for Humanity while they were in there. They also met with sightholders and learned about the diamond cutting process and also selected diamonds for their jewelry store in Freeport Maine.

Louis Vuitton Diamonds

Louis Vuitton has launched two new patented diamond cuts. One is a rounded-cut flower diamond, and the other is a pointed-cut flower diamond. The LV diamonds have between 61 and 77 facets, and are set into various pieces of jewelry, including a necklace with 108 carats of diamonds retailing at $4 million. The collection has been named "Les Ardentes".

Love & Passion Solitaire Diamond

The Love & Passion Solitaire diamond ring includes a secret diamond set inside the band. It symbolizes the infinite love that is shared between significant others. It is a ring that was a born of desire. A desire to commemorate, surprise, celebrate or simply indulge by the giving and wearing of classic and timeless diamond creation.

Love and Light

In a world where branded jewelry is the future, Efune & Efune are setting the style with their sought-after Love and Light collection. Love and Light is a classical collection of diamond jewelry that has been created to exude more sparkle and dazzle than any other. Artfully crafted, using the finest precious metals, it is the only of its kind - stylishly showcasing the magnificent South African Idea Cut Diamond.

Love Diamond

Love Diamond - hearts and arrows. Chow Sang Sang (CSS) connection in Hong Kong. Significant investment in marketing. More than 100 doors. In New York, in February 2007, the Love Diamond Company and Saks Fifth Avenue hosted an exciting event showcasing diamond cutting demonstration and free diamond jewelry/loose stone evaluation by master gemologists from Antwerp, Belgium. The 3 day event saw a good response from the regular customers who themselves tried the actual diamond cutting. The Love Diamond's in jewelry or loose stones is also available at the Damas Les Exclusives boutiques at Deira City Centre and Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Dubai, and also in Qatar and Bahrain. “One good thing is that we share the same objective of fulfilling the dream of each woman by giving her the best quality diamonds that she can treasure for her entire life and can pass it down the generations as a token of love and beauty,' said Mr. Tamjid Abdullah, Deputy Managing Director of Damas, a partner of the Love Diamond Company in the UAE.

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