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Dragon Cut

A 88 faceted Dragon Cut diamond was designed and cut by Mike Botha of Embee Diamond Technologies Inc. (Yellowknife, Canada). Botha has registered 2 patents in this regard and works on ways to speed up and clarify the complexities of the diamond polishing process. He has also created a multi-faceted modified round (photo) design (100 inclined facets) that was issued a patent in 2006.

Dream Diamond

Dream is a square cut diamond that maximizes all the classic elements - brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. Dream Diamond - displays hearts and arrows design. Jewelry by Hearts On Fire collection. Hearts on Fire - Round - displays hearts and arrows design.


Cushion cut diamonds, with unique faceting arrangements, that are cut to highlight color. The natural fancy color expert, Doron Z, cuts a number of fancy shapes for color (including his Shades of Yellow collection) that are available in single stones, pairs, and layouts.

Dubai Cut

The diamond, a unique and legally patented cut, has 99 facets, symbolizing the 99 holy names of Allah, and has been commissioned by the Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre (DMCC) to be created by Kristall, the leading Russian diamond house. The Dubai Cut was officially unveiled at a press conference in Dubai on Monday. Now, with the royal seal of approval, the Dubai Cut will take its place as an official symbol of Dubai, and it is likely that the diamond will be awarded to prominent citizens and to the winners of some of Dubai's world-class sporting events. The Cut is the result of a partnership between Kristall and the DMCC. Kristall will produce some 1,800 stones per year, which will be marketed by a selected number of DMCC member companies. The first Dubai Cut diamond jewellery is likely to come to market in the first half of 2006. (The Emirates News Agency, WA

Duchess Diamond

The Duchess is a 45 faceted hexagonal modified marquise. The Duchess is a 45 faceted hexagonal modified marquise.

Duo Diamond Ring

De Beers Diamond Jewellers introduced the Duo diamond ring design - tiny diamonds on a smooth platinum ring and a central round stone - micro-pave and flawless platinum. De Beers and Brides magazine have partnered on the launch of Duo in conjunction with the magazine's 75th anniversary. De Beers stores are hosting interactive events in New York, Washington D.C., Bal Harbour, Naples, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa and San Francisco. A number of De Beers stores will also unveil "bridal windows" to highlight Brides magazine, featuring floral designs and photo exhibitions. Brides was the world's first wedding magazine, launched in 1934. In 75 years of publication it has a reputation as an authority on engagement, weddings, and marriage. The magazine reaches over 6.5 million readers per issue and is published 6 times a year by Conde Nast Publications. De Beers Diamond Jewellers was established in 2001 as an independently managed and operated company by De Beers SA, a diamond mining and marketing company, and LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, a luxury goods company.

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