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Bochic – Designer Shapes

Bochic diamonds are selected by designers who are always on the lookout for extraordinary colors and shapes. The diamond sources are from conflict free zones and the diamonds are lasered with the Bochic logo on their girdle. Special shapes include the octagon, cushion, and the princess. The Bochic Woman is considered to be the embodiment of independent spirit, confidence, style, adventure, and zest for life. An example of this is the actress, Ali Larter, who wore Bochic rose cut diamond earrings to an event recently at a Hollywood nightclub. Angelina Jolie wore a Bochic necklace to the Academy Awards in 2007.

Brilliant 10

Brilliant 10, each facet is polished with a precise and calculated technique to achieve perfect proportion and symmetry. Polished with 71 facets, the Brilliant 10 diamond reveals a cascading light with an intensity second to none. Each facet is shaped in a precise and calculated technique to reveal a perfect 10 arrow star when viewed from above and a perfect 10 heart pattern when viewed from below through the Ideal Scope. Visible evidence that the diamond is cut to perfection.

Brilliant 100

Modified round – 100 facets. Proprietary cut of Christ Jewelers with headquarters in Germany. Set in rings. Distinctive packaging. Proprietary cut of Christ Jewelers with headquarters in Germany where their jewelry and watches “have been delighting customers for 140 years’. They have 200 stores in Germany and 79 in Switzerland, and claim to be the top brand in the retail jewelry business.

Brilliant Lady 21

A new multi-faceted round diamond cut, the Brilliant Lady 21 cut, includes 221 facets -56 crown facets - 64 pavilion facets and a culet facet, as well as 100 minute facets polished on the girdle. The branded cut is marketed as an exclusive “Made in Antwerp'” diamond. HRD Certificates issued with its proprietary name printed clearly on each certificate.

Brilliant Rose

Brilliant Rose diamonds are 66 faceted modified rounds developed for the markets in Malaysia and Singapore. The factory in South Africa selects the rough diamonds mined domestically and cuts and polishes the Brilliant Rose based on orders. As these are purely South African products, the brand authenticates the country of origin in the certificates. Each Brilliant Rose is issued with a certificate stating its cut, color, clarity and carat weight and the exact measurements. The diamond is laser-inscribed at its girdle with an identification number as recorded at the central Brilliant Rose Registry in New York.

Buddha Cut

The Buddha Diamond - 56 facets – is a modified brilliant buddha shape diamond that was polished in the shape of a meditating Buddha. The diamond is completely handcrafted work of art sculpted from a single rough diamond. It is said to refract light and “glitter in the 7 colors of the rainbow”. Buddha Diamond CY retains exclusive rights to the cut, marketing, and sales of the diamond worldwide. Buddha Diamond is a registered trademark. Offices in Antwerp, Bangkok, and New York.

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