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A Cut Above Princess

Joining the Round Hearts and Arrows in the Whiteflash “Royal Family” is the A CUT ABOVE® Princess.  It is the ultimate in terms of cut quality and light performance, delivering unparalleled fire, brilliance and scintillation in a princess cut diamond.  This internationally acclaimed brand of super ideal diamonds is available exclusively at Whiteflash.

Next to the round brilliant, the princess is by far the most popular diamond shape, both  for its affordability and extensive design possibilities.  And because of this demand there are many princess cut diamonds in the market.  However, there are surprisingly few ideal princess cuts among them. At Whiteflash, our mission is to bring to the market diamonds that are cut for extreme performance and extraordinary beauty.  In order to accomplish this goal we maintain a supply agreement with one of the foremost cutters of princess diamonds in the world.  Even with such a specialized direct connection the challenges are formidable.

To achieve the distinction of A CUT ABOVE® Princess, a diamond must first be certified by the American Gem Society Laboratory as Triple Zero with a Platinum Certificate.  It must then pass extensive review and testing by a panel of Whiteflash gemologists who screen for additional criteria and light performance characteristics.  IdealScope and ASET images are carefully analyzed to ensure the light handling properties of the diamond are at the absolute limits technically possible. Finally, a thorough visual evaluation guarantees that each and every A CUT ABOVE® Princess is absolutely superb. 

By itself, certification as an AGS Triple Ideal is an elite pedigree for a princess diamond. Very few diamond cutters have mastered the ability to craft the princess cut to this level of precision, which partially explains why there are very few of these rare and special diamonds in the world market. And only about one out of 10 AGS Ideal princess diamonds meets all the specifications and qualifications necessary to be awarded the A CUT ABOVE® brand.

A Cut Above Super Ideal Diamonds

The Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® diamond is at the pinnacle of diamond cut quality, taking light performance to the extreme. From every angle in any lighting situation, an A CUT ABOVE® diamond will outshine all others, expressing the full beauty of the gem within. With each glance it will sparkle and flash, putting on its own magical light show. It has a dynamic personality reflected in each new moment, gathering light from the dimmest places and scintillating with fire in sparks of spectral color.

The A CUT ABOVE® is the most carefully crafted, comprehensively analyzed and thoroughly reviewed diamond in the world. It starts with the selection of high quality rough diamond crystals, and world-class skill and attention to detail by master cutters working with state-of-the-art technology in ultra-modern facilities.he polished diamonds are then transported to the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) for complete gemological review and certification and must pass their multi-level quality control process. Diamonds that attain the grade of AGS Triple Ideal are then analyzed by the Whiteflash review panel consisting of at least two staff graduate gemologists. The Whiteflash review involves additional light performance tests such as Ideal Scope, ASET Scope, and Hearts and Arrows Scope as well as verification that the diamond meets dozens of additional parameters eliminating diamonds with any cut quality or light performance defects.

A final intensive visual inspection ensures that only the very finest cut diamonds in the world, and only those of extraordinary beauty, achieve the distinction of A CUT ABOVE®.

A Style of Cut – Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows is the term used for a round brilliant diamond that exhibits a kaleidoscopic pattern of hearts in the pavilion and arrows in the crown due to the precise physical symmetry of its cut. These patterns may be seen and photographed using a reflecting and magnifying device called a Hearts & Arrows viewer. Just because a diamond is cut to traditional ideal proportions does not mean that it will have the Hearts & Arrows pattern. All pavilion main, lower girdle, upper girdle, kite and star facets must be in precise alignment with each other. If the cut of the diamond is even slightly asymmetric the pattern will be uneven or distorted. To make this distinction, Hearts & Arrows diamonds are sometimes called “Superideals.” To acquire this level of patterning precision the cutter must sacrifice more rough material and put in more time than a regular round or a standard ideal cut requires. Logically, these diamonds come at a premium. A Hearts & Arrows diamond may not necessarily be more beautiful than a non Hearts & Arrows diamond that is cut exceedingly well. However, these “Superideals” are valued for their uniqueness and quality as the ultimate in cutting precision in the world of ideal diamonds. HEARTS: When viewed through the bottom or pavilion, a perfectly symmetrical pattern, consisting of equally sized and shaped hearts can be seen. ARROWS: When viewed from the top or crown, a perfectly symmetrical pattern, consisting of equally sized and shaped arrows can be seen.

Adura Diamond

Developed by master diamond cutters, Adura diamonds have 85 facets that enhance the fire, luminosity and glamour of each stone. Each diamond is hand selected in order to ensure sheer perfection and is laser inscribed with its own identifying number - the ultimate guarantee of authenticity and security.

Ageless Fire Diamonds

Once he started branding, Dave Nygaard created 3 premium cut private label diamond brands: Star Fire, Hearts Amore, and Ageless Fire™. From a tea service to private label diamonds, Nygaard aims for a branded in store experience (live jazz music on weekends, fresh lemonade and coffee for customers, community and charity events). Nygaard stresses that a brand represents not just the name on the diamond; it must embrace the total shopping experience. In a Modern Jeweler article, the Virgina Beach jeweler said, "I'm a believer that brands, like politics, all start local.”


The Aglaia is a branded hearts and arrows diamond.

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