Israel bourse's technology section receives advanced diamond counting device

Yosi Kuzi, a co-owner of Hong Kong-based Diamonds Services Ltd, presented a special gift to the Technology Wing of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) – the GemBox RFID.

Based on state-of-the-art radio-wave technology, the device can count 1,000 diamonds in just 30 seconds.

IDE members can use the equipment to count thousands of diamonds in seconds without even having to remove them from the briefke (envelope) or the briefke from a box. You simply put a box with all the envelopes in it on the device and receive highly accurate results within seconds.

Use of the equipment is freely available to all IDE members and companies thanks to the generosity of Kuzi, the owner of the EGL Asia lab and representative of the Australian company, Diamond Services. The device was handed over at a special ceremony at the diamond exchange's Technology Wing on March 12. In attendance were IDE President Yair Sahar, Chairman of the Industry and New Generation Committee Eli Shiri, Chairman of Dealers Committee Yossi Ben-Zion, Chairman of the Control Committee Shaul Yitzhaki, and IDE General Manager Moti Besser.

Kuzi gave a demonstration of the speedy way the device counts diamonds while sorting out the stock according to type. The machine works using the PJM radio wave technology, the fastest of its kind in the world, while ensuring complete accuracy.

"The GemBox RFID was originally developed for the Australian national blood bank, but it soon became clear that there were many other uses for it," Kuzi explained. "A year ago, its use in the diamond industry began to be investigated. It works via a tiny chip attached to the briefke, and provides information on the contents, including the number of diamonds, carat weight, whether they are polished and clarity. When the briefke is placed on the receiver on the table, the wireless information is received from the chip and the information appears on a screen attached to the system."

Kuzi said that many Israeli firms tried out the device at the March 5-9 Hong Kong Gems and Jewellery Fair and were highly impressed with its capabilities and said it would save hours of time taken up now by stock taking. "The system has an interface with companies' inventory systems and knows how to present data quickly, clearly and precisely," Kuzi explained.

Thanking Kuzi for his contribution, IDE President Yair Sahar said: "The Technology Wing is equipped with the world's most advanced equipment for identifying and sorting diamonds, and now for the counting of stones. I am certain that our members will get substantial use and advantage from this equipment."

The Technology Wing continues to receive state-of-the-art equipment to enable our members to enjoy advanced ways of working and trading. The GemBox RFID joins the Diamond Sure equipment recently donated by the GIA, as well as many other technology items. IDE members receive assistance from a team of instructors on hand to provide assistance in using the machines during trading hours and is free of charge.