Branding Your Website

You won’t be surprised to hear that branding your web site is similar to branding your firm. Your target is to focus on recognition of your web site. How do you do that? Here are some strong ideas to get make your web site a brand that gets widely noticed.
Connect your brand with other big brands in your sector
What can you do – to get noticed you have to hang around with the big guys. How so? Provide comments on a regular basis on blogs and articles written by important people and firms. You can also write smart comments, write a blog or article on those big brands on your site. Remember: the more your brand is seen on these sites, the better for you and your firm.
Do all your ads have your web address on them?
Everything, but everything that you print should have the address of your site on it. Needless to say, all online advertising should also have a direct link to your site.
Same header on all web site pages
Consistency is vital when it comes to branding. So, use the same header on every page of your site. Use your specifically designed company colors and graphics in creating your header. That way, potential clients can identify your firm straight away.
Create a signature for all of your emails
Making a signature for emails is simple. So make one and let people know who you are, where you are and what your do and make.
Set up auto responder emails
Even auto responders can enhance your brand. Your clients will be reassured by an auto response, having got a response and knowing you will be in touch at the first opportunity.
Create a positive image among customers
A great design and amazing content are important, but they will not establish your web site brand on their own. Build a positive image of your web site in potential customers’ minds. That means getting involved in social media because that’s where today’s clients live.