HRD Antwerp to Start Providing Synthetic Diamond Certificate Service

HRD Antwerp is to start providing a Synthetic Diamond Certificate service from September 2. The certificate will be issued where a diamond is found to be synthetic.

HRD Antwerp said that synthetic diamonds have increasingly made their way into the gem diamond market in recent times. While they still represent a small part of the market, their numbers are rising, the lab said.

Consequently, HRD Antwerp has launched the new service in what it says is a bid to support consumer confidence.

New marketing initiatives see man-made color diamonds fighting for consumers' attention

Two new high-profile developments in the world of synthetic diamonds by Gemesis Diamonds and the Royal Asscher company have served to put the spotlight on man-made diamonds and bid to show consumers how they can provide a lower cost alternative to increasingly expensive natural colored stones. At the Oscar ceremony in late February, Gemesis Diamond Company created a lounge for celebrities to view its colored diamonds. The privately-held international organization is a major global producer and distributor of gem-quality lab-created diamonds and jewelry.

Indian industry leaders say low chances of large-scale entry of synthetics into market

Some leading members of the Indian diamond industry believe the chances of the large-scale entry of synthetic diamonds into the market is low.

Synthetic diamonds are for the most part made for industrial needs for which they are best-suited, thus making them a lesser threat to the diamond jewelry industry, diamantaires told The Times of India.

Manufacturers of synthetic diamonds can adjust the stones for specific uses because they are able control their properties of hardness, thermal conductivity and electron mobility.

De Beers Appoints Walter Hühn as CEO of Element Six


De Beers synthetic diamond maker Element Six has appointed Walter Hühn as its new CEO with effect from March 8.

Hühn is currently Executive Director of Advanced Materials and Technologies and based in Germany. He joined Element Six in 2008 to lead the Advanced Materials Division and became Director of Technologies in 2011.

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