G4S says all clients paid for losses from Brussels airport robbery

G4S International Logistics has paid its clients who incurred losses as a result of the Brussels Airport robbery on February 18. The security firm said it paid in full within four days of the theft.

It is believed US$50 million of diamonds were stolen by eight armed men who drove through the airport fence in two vehicles and stole parcels of diamonds that were about to be loaded onto a flight to Zurich.

Firestone Diamonds says police raided Liqhobong mine offices in Lesotho

Firestone Diamonds plc has confirmed a police raid at its Liqhobong mine site in Lesotho on January 16.

Police officers removed computer equipment from the site despite not having a search warrant or court order, the mining company said in a statement.

There has been no disruption or impact to the operations, Firestone said.

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