IGI Antwerp Staging First Workshop Week in October


IGI Antwerp will be staging a first-ever Workshop Week at its Antwerp facilities from October 21 to 25.
The IGI said the course is for freshmen and alumni alike who want to update their knowledge and learn about leading events in gemology.

HRD Antwerp to Start Providing Synthetic Diamond Certificate Service

HRD Antwerp is to start providing a Synthetic Diamond Certificate service from September 2. The certificate will be issued where a diamond is found to be synthetic.

HRD Antwerp said that synthetic diamonds have increasingly made their way into the gem diamond market in recent times. While they still represent a small part of the market, their numbers are rising, the lab said.

Consequently, HRD Antwerp has launched the new service in what it says is a bid to support consumer confidence.

GIA says re-launching site and revising gem grading and identification reports


The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is re-launching its website later this month, and bringing in a revised format for its gem grading and identification reports.

With photographs from GIA’s unique collection of historic and contemporary images of gems and jewelry, the site will provide information for visitors of different interest levels.

GIA provides free Android diamond app for consumers and retailers


Consumers and retailers with Android smartphones and tablet devices, such as the Kindle Fire and the Samsung Galaxy, can download a free diamond app, released by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Available in English and simplified Chinese, the app gives consumers with interactive features, video content and information on the GIA-created 4Cs of diamond appraisal.

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