Visitor traffic at Hong Kong show strong, but Indian visitors ‎lower

The March 5-9 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show is seeing vibrant foot traffic and firm demand for many categories of polished diamonds. ‎

Although there is a lot of shopping around for goods as always happens at the show, business was also reportedly strong, said one Israeli diamanatire.

"There is a lot of interest and strong demand for certain goods, including Triple Ex diamonds with certificates," said the dealer, who specializes in top-end fine-make gems.

"Of course, there is a lot of negotiating going on and prices asked are coming under a lot of pressure, but there are nonetheless a lot of transactions already going on. The mood is rather optimistic."

Companies report a strong turnout of buyers from Mainland China and a noticeable decline in the number of Indian buyers.

"Indian diamantaires are normally seen a lot at the Hong Kong shows, but this year there are definitely fewer which is probably due to the fact that they have more than inventory. ‎