Sarin Technologies Launches New Polishing Process Software

Sarin Technologies has launched a new version of its polished-diamond quality assurance and polishing process control software, called the Instructor TM 3.0, after 18 months of development work.
The new software runs on many of Sarin’s rough and polished diamond modeling platforms of the DiaExpert and DiaMension families, including the popular DiaMension HD and DiaScan S+ systems.
The new version of the Instructor has been specifically developed to significantly improve the accuracy of polished diamond modeling, in particular for fancy-shaped diamonds, the tools provided for in-process polishing decisions, and at the same time improves the software’s overall ease of use, Sarin said.
The new Instructor 3.0 release offers significant improvements in modeling accuracy specifically for fancy-shaped diamonds, such as princess, cushion, oval, pear, and marquise diamonds. When used with the new (patent applied for) Axiom platform, expected to be released mid-2014, the modeling of the in-process and polished diamonds will be even further improved.
The new release also provides improved in-process polishing control. "In a stage of the polishing process, where a stone may be brought back for evaluation even 35 times, this is highly significant," the firm said.
Regarding the user interface, the software has been made significantly easier to use with many processes given one-click functionality and new user shortcuts and assistance indications added, such as a built-in Hearts and Arrows display and evaluation aid.
"We are proud of being able to offer the market this significantly upgraded software. When used on the revolutionary Axiom platform, to be launched later this year, we will offer the industry not just another evolution in the diamond’s modeling, but a totally new advanced level of technology, which will be a complete departure from the common processes in use for the past 20 years,” said Uzi Levami, Sarin’s Executive Director and CEO.
Sarin develops, manufactures, markets and sells  precision technology products for the planning, processing, evaluation and measurement of diamonds and gems.