Rockwell Diamonds says output on August 2 at Saxendrift mine was a record

Diamond miner Rockwell Diamonds Inc. reported a record production amount for a single day at its Saxendrift mine in South Africa on August 2 with the recovery of 373 carats.

The company, which has additional operations in South Africa, said the stones extracted from the Saxendrift mine accounted for approximately 50 percent of the operation's budgeted monthly output.

Rockwell, which has been operating the mine for five years, said the diamonds included stones weighing 34, 43, 94 and 180 carats.

Rockwell CEO James Campbell said, "Rockwell's competitive advantage in the diamond world is the regular production of large high-quality diamonds and although recoveries such as recently experienced at Saxendrift are rare they enhance the profitability of our mines."

The firm also said that the final conditions for the finalization of the acquisition of the Tirisano operation have been fulfilled.

The miner is now able to take ownership of the mining rights at Tirisano and bring the first two production lines of the newly constructed processing plant into commercial operation which is slated to take place at the end of the third quarter.