Rio Tinto Puts Argyle Diamonds Tender on Display in Hong Kong Ahead of Sale

Rio Tinto announced that the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender, inclusing 64 rare pink, blue and red diamonds, has been put on display in Hong Kong.
The tender includes three fancy red diamonds for the first time in the 30 year history of the Argyle diamond mine.
The ’s highlights include a 1.56-carat round gem, named the Argyle Phoenix™ in honor of the Argyle underground mine in Western Australia which went into production this year.
There are also three blue diamonds and 58 pink gems in a large range of shades and hues. 
The tender this year features for the first time in eight years a diamond weighing more than three carats - the 3.02-carat radiant, fancy intense orangy pink diamond, called the Argyle Imperial™. 
A 0.71-carat blue heart-shaped diamond, named the Argyle Celestial™, is predicted to be sold together with a matching heart-shaped fancy pink diamond. Bids for the tender close on October 2.