Rapaport To Hold Polished Auction At Diamond Week

The Rapaport Group will stage a polished diamond auction at the International Diamond Week (IDW) to be held at the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE), from September 1 to Thursday, September 4.

"As we are preparing for the sixth edition of the International Diamond Week, we are seeking to diversify the marketing opportunities that we offer to visiting buyers - and IDE members - during this four-day diamond marketing and networking event," IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer stated.

"A polished diamond auction is a perfect addition to the goods that will be offered for sale and traded on the bourse floor. We are pleased that the Rapaport Group has agreed to hold - for the second time - a polished diamond auction during our prestigious event."

At its core, the International Diamond Week in Israel represents the endeavor to bring diamond traders back to the bourse trading hall, put their goods on display on the trading floor, meet visiting buyers and encourage them to renew ties with their Israeli peers.

"Our bourse is one of the most active exchanges. At any time of a regular workday, there are several hundred members working on the trading floor," Schnitzer noted. "During the International Diamond Week, there will be thousands of traders."

The IDE leader emphasized that two other leading diamond bourses will be partnering with the IDE for the International Diamond Week.

"Of course, we will once again welcome a delegation of members of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York.

“And following a recent agreement, we will also see a significant delegation from the Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel). For us, this is proof that the concept of a regular Diamond Week is working well and adding value to all the participating bourse members," Schnitzer added.