Pure Gold Jewellers is First WDM Authorised Diamond Dealer

Pure Gold Jewellers, a leading international retail jewelry chain headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, has become the first jewelry retailer to adopt and introduce the World Diamond Mark's Authorised Diamond Dealer® (ADD) program.
Pure Gold Jewellers, which operates more than 100 jewelry stores in the UAE and India, will be implementing the ADD programs to enthuse consumers and enhance their buying experience. The agreement was signed with Pure Gold Jewellers' CEO & MD, Karim Merchant during the recent inaugural World Diamond Conference in India (WDCI).
WDMF Chairman Alex Popov said that by adopting the ADD program, Pure Gold Jewellers marked a significant milestone in the implementation of the World Diamond Mark programs in the downstream market. "With the Pure Gold Jewellers applying the ADD principles and programs in its stores, we will be able to greatly improve the reputation of and demand for high-end diamond jewelry, increase the knowledge and awareness of diamonds and diamond jewelry among consumers, and enhance the desirability of diamonds and diamond jewelry," he said.
"It is not a coincidence that we're launching the ADD program in the UAE and the Gulf countries. The Gulf region is a vibrant growth area for jewelry consumers that will be well served by a body that helps increase consumer confidence in diamonds and diamond jewelry," he continued.
During the WDCI Gala Evening, Karim Merchant received a framed copy of his company's WDM's Authorised Diamond Dealer® membership certificate. Pure Gold Group was founded in 1989 by Firoz Merchant. The company operates two large jewelry factories in India and China, runs 130 stores in Asia and the Middle East and plans to open another 200 stores in the coming years.
Merchant said he was very excited that his company would be spearheading the ADD programs in the UAE, as well as in India. "We are happy to be the very first adopter of the ADD programs. We look forward to supporting the World Diamond Mark in designing and implementing WDM's promotional campaigns and events in the UAE and India. In practical terms, this means that Pure Gold Jewellers will be endorsing and recommending the WDM to our customers, business contacts and industry organizations in the UAE, the GCC countries and India. In addition, we will be engaging the governmental and jewelry trade organizations as well as retail associations for local support," he stated.
Popov thanked Merchant for his endorsement and said that the WDM in turn will be endorsing and recommending Pure Gold Jewellers throughout its international network, especially to consumers, business contacts and industry organizations.