Mark Gershburg Leaving U.S. Kimberley Process Authority

Mark Gershburg, the CEO and founder of Gemological Science International (GSI), has announced that he will no longer be a director of the U.S. Kimberley Process Authority (USKPA).

The USKPA is a trade association that works closely with the U.S. government to prevent the infiltration of conflict diamonds into legitimate trade.

Gershburg has spent over a decade as one of the three directors of the USPKPA, and said he was proud to have taken part in the global fight against illegal diamonds.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but the growth of GSI left me very little time for other activities. I don’t want to be part of any organization if I can’t dedicate my time to it. I hope that my departure from the USKPA will be an opportunity for it to bring in [a member of the] younger generation as my replacement.

"This way we can ensure that the fight against the illicit diamond trade will continue and the younger generations will be engaged in this important initiative,” Gershburg said.

“I, on other hand, will be able to concentrate on GSI while it continues to expand globally and diversify its services in the ever evolving diamond industry.”