Kristall Staging Sale at Israeli Bourse

Cwill be holding a tender of goods in Tel Aviv and Antwerp over the coming month.
The firm's Tel Aviv office will be showing the polished stones from January 20 to 26 that it will sell at tender.
It will be Kristall's 10th tender of polished stones and they will be mostly from 2 carats and up.
The diamonds will be also shown from February 2 to 6 at Kristall's Antwerp office.
The list of goods to be offered at the tender will be published on January 12.
Companies wishing to bid should contact Kristall by January 19 for the Tel Aviv tender.
Firms wanting to bid should contact Kristall by January 20 for the Antwerp sale.
The highest bid wins the goods. In the event of a tie, the tender organizer will contact the parties involved and will suggest possible methods of resolution, the firm said, adding that further details are available on its website.