Israeli Polished Exports Up 12% On Year In 2013 To $6.22B

Israel exported polished diamonds with a value of $6.22 billion in 2013, a rise of 12 percent on the year, according to figures from the Ministry of Economy. ‎
‎Exports of polished goods to the United States jumped 14 percent to $2.32 billion last year. Meanwhile, polished exports ‎to Hong Kong rose 6 percent to $1.68 billion.‎
Switzerland imported $380 million of polished goods last year, while Belgium imported $451 million worth, and India $145 million.
Israeli imported 1 percent more polished diamonds last year over 2012 at $4.3 billion. Net polished exports in 2013 were $1.92 billion.‎
Rough diamond imports were 4 percent up on the year in 2013 at $3.99 billion, while exports of rough rose 5 percent to $2.94 billion.
Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) Chairman Moti Ganz said that he was gratified by the results of 2013 and expressed confidence that the Israeli diamond industry would continue to grow in 2014.
“The global diamond industry faced serious economic challenges in 2013 – high rough diamond prices, a slowdown in Asian markets and a reduction in credit. Despite that, the Israeli diamond industry was able to achieve significant growth through creativity and resourcefulness,” Ganz said. He added that he was pleased that the United States and some European markets were flourishing, and expressed optimism about the medium-term prospects of the Asian markets.
IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said that the Israeli diamond industry had been very active in marketing in 2013, which made a significant contribution the export growth. He said that IDI was planning to expand these activities in the coming year.
Avidar mentioned that in addition to the successful international buying events held in 2013 in Ramat Gan and New York, the industry would hold several special rough events and would participate in new trade shows in selected markets. “We look forward to having an even better year in 2014,” Avidar said.