Israel Diamond Week Announces Registration Open For DDC Diamond Week

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has announced that registration for the fourth edition of the Israel Diamond Week in New York is open.

The event will be held on the trading floor of the DDC, and will take place from October 19 to 22.

Around 100 Israeli diamond traders will be taking part in the event on the DDC's trading floor. 

IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer said he was looking forward to yet another interesting and show that would benefit both the IDE and DDCevent.

"The US is our most important market and the DDC is a long-time and trusted partner. 

"Once again, we hope to create many win-win scenarios for the members of both bourses and the visiting buyers, toward the holiday sales season," he said.  

Meanwhile, DDC President Reuven Kaufman said, "The diamond trading centers of Israel and New York complement each other.

"New York is the undisputed gateway for the diamond, gem and jewelry industry and trade in the United States while Israel has long been one of the largest trading partners for the North American diamond market."