Int'l Diamond Week Preparations In Full Swing

While the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) is officially in recess for summer holidays, anyone walking the busy corridors of the four high rises that comprise the exchange complex could get quite a different impression.

"Many diamond companies are already gearing up for the trade shows later this summer and fall, the first of which will be the Summer Edition of the International Diamond Week in Israel (IDWI), which will open on August 30," said Moti Besser, the exchange's General Manager. "In less than four weeks, with the IDWI, we will be giving the starting shot toward the fall trade show season."  

Meanwhile, scaffolding and machinery are seen throughout the huge trading floor of the exchange, as workmen carry out repairs and maintenance jobs throughout the hall. "The exchange floor re-opens soon, so we need to finish all this work by the end of this week," Besser stated.

To make the Summer Edition of the International Diamond Week as successful as past events, the IDE is secuting a number of important sponsors. "Without sponsors, mostly institutions and companies that provide third party services to the Israeli diamond industry and trade, we would find it much more difficult to hold these events biannually," Besser continued. "Their support has become an indelible part of the International Diamond Week's success."

The International Diamond Week in Israel is organized by the Israel Diamond Exchange, in close cooperation with the Diamond Dealers Club of New York (DDC), the Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel), and, for the first time, also by the Bharat Diamond Bourse. All exchanges will be represented by delegations of their members on the IDE trading floor.