IGI Teams Up With Indian Group To Give Courses

The International Gemological Institute is teaming up with the Gems and Jewelry Skill Council of India (GJSCI), which is affiliated with the Indian government, to provide professional jewelry training services throughout the country.

Under the alliance, the Institute will offer its expertise – including the IGI School of Gemology’s Polished Diamond and Jewelry Design courses – for a marginal fee to manufacturers and retailers in Mumbai and Surat.

The Institute’s instructors have been accredited through a stringent government assessment procedure, assuring a well-qualified, dedicated team that adheres to the highest criteria, the IGI said.

The Polished Diamond Grading curriculum will include an in-depth study of diamonds, taking students through the journey from mines to market.

Integrating the latest industry research, the course will include training to identify imitations and treatments, incorporate hands-on learning along with visual tools, and also cover market trends and grading processes for different types of diamonds. The workshop will also place special focus on the 4Cs, along with identification of laboratory-grown and treated diamonds.

Meanwhile, the hand-sketch jewelry design course will build student confidence in drawing ideas as designs, as well as provide an overview of gold calculations and budgeting.

“There is no doubt the Indian jewelry industry is growing at a rapid rate. With such progression, it is only fair to encourage an environment of increased professional education and know-how among trade members and applicable staff,” said IGI India Managing Director Tehmasp Printer.

“Together with GJSCI, IGI will strive to maintain its high international standards while working to develop a skilled workforce, ultimately strengthening the growth and efficiency of this sector.”