Harry Winston creates 47-Carat Diamond Watch

Harry Winston has created a one-of-a-kind platinum ladies watch set with 47 carats of diamonds.

The Mrs. Winston High Jewelry Timepiece took 440 hours to create and is said to be inspired by the brand's founder and his wife Edna.

A statement from the companysaid: "The Mrs. Winston High Jewelry Timepiece pays tribute to Mr. Harry Winston and his beloved wife, Edna, reflecting the perfect marriage of her personal style and his famous saying 'If I could, I would attach diamonds directly onto a woman’s skin'.”

It has an 18K  white gold dial set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds set in a marquise-shaped platinum case lined with a further 32 baguette-cut diamonds.
The bracelet of the watch has been decorated with 230 fancy-shaped diamonds, with baguettes on the outer edges and pear shapes, marquise cuts and round brilliants set on delicate bars of platinum to create a floating effect.