Gemprint and DNA Technologies Partner on Forensic Mine to Market Solution

Gemprint Corp, a world leader in diamond identification, and DNA Technologies, a world leader in DNA based security markings, has launched a Forensic Mine to Market, Chain of Custody Solution for the gems and jewelry industry.

The process, known as Source Veritas, encompasses patented technologies that both implement a DNA Marking and Tracking system and multi level security protocols marking rough diamonds at the mines, and Gemprint Fingerprint Technology for identifying polished diamonds after the cutting process. The process will allow rough diamonds to be easily identifiable in the marketplace as coming from a specific country or mine.

“As global interests from consumers, governments, and NGO’S mount for reasonable, cost effective, and secure tracking and identification systems for precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones, our companies found synergy in working together to fortify a responsible supply chain,” said Angelo Palmieri, President of Gemprint Corp.

Gemprint® has a 13 year history of assisting governments, law enforcement, diamantaires, NGO’s, and two of the largest mining companies to help track chain of custody for diamonds in both Canada and Botswana.

Source Veritas allows consumers to feel confident about the source of their most prized possessions, while providing a transparent anti-crime, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-terrorism solution to protect our world’s most valuable and easily transportable assets; diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals.

According to Gemprint Chairman, Donald A. Palmieri, “Our companies, DNA and Gemprint, are based in two countries representing many of the most important stakeholders in the diamond industry. We are instituting an effort to implement these proven advanced technologies to all customs agencies, law enforcement agencies, and governments at little cost, who need help in the fight against money laundering, civil wars, corruption, and terrorism where our industry’s products are misused for funding such activities.”

“Gemprint is a tremendous partner for us to help expand our reach in the diamond and precious gemstone markets. They are ISO certified and well respected in their industry”, said Wendell Smith, Chairman of DNA Technologies. “Our proposed system to use DNA marking for authentication and identification of legitimate rough diamonds is a natural extension of our DNA Matrix™ technology, our patents and IP. The DNA Matrix™ has already been used to protect high value items such as fine art, vintage wines, and premium brand names.”

The companies plan to demonstrate the new DNA Marking and Gemprint systems at the annual CBG and JCK (Booth L-153) shows in Las Vegas, May 28-June 3.