Gemological Institute of America Contributes Advanced Synthetics Machines

Two new devices that are the most advanced developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for identifying synthetic diamonds were unveiled at a special ceremony at the Israeli bourse and are available for use by exchange members in the technology wing of the trading hall.
The ceremony was held in the presence of the GIA Vice President and Director of global research and laboratories, Tom Moses, in the rough diamond trading hall along with IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer, and senior members of the Israeli diamond industry, IDE board members and members of the bourse.
Shmuel Schnitzer gave an explanation about how the advanced devices came to be donated to the exchange. "During the Israel Diamond Week in New York last December, we were informed that the GIA intended to introduce a new device for identifying synthetic diamonds.
“In the same week, Industry Committee Chairman Yoram Dvash and I met with Tom Moses, who at the start of the meeting said that the GIA would contribute advanced equipment for identifying synthetic diamonds, and later the bourse acquired the same device for use by our members."
Schnitzer spoke about the importance of being able to identify synthetic diamonds. "You cannot stop the trade in these diamonds but there is a great deal of importance to disclosure of synthetics by traders who are dealing in these stones. The new devices that are being brought into use in the bourse from today will help immensely to identify the synthetic using this advanced technology. I want to thank the GIA on behalf of the Israel Diamond Exchange for their kind assistance and to Tom Moses, for your hospitality in New York; we thank you and appreciate your cooperation and that of your colleagues.
“On this occasion I would also like to thank the Israel Diamond Institute Chairman Moti Ganz, who is here today, and Industry Committee Chairman Yoram Dvash for their contribution in bringing these devices to the bourse."
Tom Moses said: "The first training session the GIA held in Israel was 45 years ago, and since then our relationship has gone from strength to strength. The ceremony that we are having today is another important element in the relationship between the GIA and the Israeli exchange. We are fully aware of the entry of synthetic diamond into the legitimate trade and we know that strong measures have to be taken to counter it. Now, bourse members have the ability to examine stones here.
“The GIA has been researching and working on the development of synthetic diamonds since 1955. The research we conduct allows us to implement the knowledge gained to develop advanced synthetic diamond detection instruments. I would like to thank Dr. Wai Wong, Director of research and development, who is here with me today, and all the participants in this special event. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our cooperation in the future."
Yoram Dvash said: "The Israel Diamond Exchange works for its members at every level. The non-disclosure of synthetic diamonds and their introduction into legitimate trade is one of the most serious problems in the industry, and we are fighting it with all means at our disposal. The introduction of these new devices to the technology wing puts the bourse at the forefront when it comes to identifying synthetic diamonds."